Annual Reports

Annual report 2016

In a website format, facts and figures are presented and background information is provided on a variety of topics and themes. For example, concerning our work in the Netherlands, we shortly introduce the topic of pilot projects in which we explore how environmental assessment offers optimal support for choices in environmental planning strategies. We also look at the link between environmental assessment and participation and explore how environmental assessment assists the transition to sustainable energy.

In our international work, our support to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is highligthed. With RVO we cooperate to achieve good-quality environmental assessment reports for Dutch investments in low and middle income countries. Furthermore we pay attention to a publication on environmental assessment and climate change, comprising case studies from around the world. And we discuss how SEA might be helpful in accommodating contradicting issues concerning safeguarding water.

Annual report 2015

The annual report 2015 is now online. In an innovative design you will find an overview of our activities in the Netherlands as well as abroad. For example:

  • health in environmental assessment - with a seperate website in Dutch and English;
  • the new Dutch Environmental and Planning Act, for which the NCEA continues to emphasise the importance of an independent and expert review;
  • water quality and climate adaptation, which are both high on the agenda in 2016 as well;
  • examples of our work on improvement of EA legislation in developing countries;
  • advisory reports on good practice EA for Indonesian Tin mining, or on scoping of an ESIA for deep sea port development in Benin;
  • and much more….

Enjoy reading!

Annual report 2014

Within the Netherlands, themes range from advice on the content of environmental assessments for shale gas extraction and wind energy production in the province of South Holland to health issues in environmental assessment for airports. Our international activities include independent advice on EIA for a controversial hydropower dam in Benin, SEA for oil and gas extraction in Zanzibar and the work of the Dutch Sustainability Unit. More information.


Annual report 2013

In this online report you can watch as well as read about what the NCEA did in 2013. It includes project descriptions, illustrations and a short film on our work both in the Netherlands and abroad. It covers themes such as research into the effects of fracking, the new Environment and Planning Act in the Netherlands, how NCEA expertise adds value to investments abroad and the work of the Dutch Sustainability Unit.

Annual report 2012

A year filled with new developments, advisory reports and capacity development programmes. You can read for example about the Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU), a new facility of the international department. The DSU contributes to properly integrating environment, climate change and sustainable development in Dutch development cooperation (see p. 26). Or read more about the very positive results of a study, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on the effects of EA in the Netherlands. The stakeholders involved reported that the legal obligation to carry out environmental assessment was ‘the big stick’ (see p. 23). We hope you enjoy reading our annual report.

Annual report 2011

Cooperation programmes in Central and West Africa, a new agreement for multi-annual cooperation with the Ministry of Water, Environment, Land and Urban Planning in Burundi, advisory reports for projects in Kenya, Mozambique and Bolivia, facts and figures and much more information regarding our activities, can be found in our Annual Report  2011. You can flip through the online version or download a pdf version.

Annual report 2010

Hydropower in Cameroon, EIA mapping in Pakistan, subsurface spatial planning in Drenthe province, modernisation of EA legislation in the Netherlands, facts and figures and much more information on our activities, can be find in our annual report  2010. You can flip through the online version or download a pdf version.

Annual report 2009

Offshore windparks in the North Sea, oil and gas exploitation in Bolivia, climate adaptation, (new) legislation, facts and figures and much more information on our activities, can be find in the annual report  "2009 in the the spotlight".