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NCEA newsletter - July 2018


  • Review ESIA petroleum Albertine Graben, Uganda
  • Review ESIA for the Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kisii & Nyamira, Kenya
  • Start of the SEA for the Sourou area, Mali
  • Annual report 2017 online
  • The NCEA 25 years!

Review ESIA Albertine Graben, Uganda

Hoima, Uganda 2-5 July 2018. After the discovery of oil and gas in the Albertine Graben in the early 2000’s, the Tilenga project is one of the first initiatives to produce, process and transport oil. The project is planned in the Murchison Falls National Park, a protected area known for its outstanding biodiversity and ecosystem values. NEMA asked the NCEA to assist with reviewing the ESIA. During a 4-day site visit, both Ugandan and Dutch members of the review team discussed the potential impacts. 


Review ESIA for the Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kisii & Nyamira, Kenya

Kisii, Kenya 1-7 July 2018. The NCEA visited the counties Kisii & Nyamira in the western part of Kenya, as part of a review of the ESIA for the ORIO-funded Kisii Water Supply and Sanitation Project. The project, initiated by the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, encompasses the construction of the Bonyunyu Dam. Visiting the project site enabled the NCEA to assess the situation and to get in contact with people directly affected by the project.  

  foto workshop july 2018 bamako

Start of the SEA for the Sourou area, Mali

Bamako, 2-6 July 2018. The SEA for the sustainable development plan for the Sourou area is on its way. Sourou is situated on the border with Burkina Faso, and affected by conflict and climate change. The transboundary management of the Sourou river is a key issue in the development plan. The NCEA was present at the kick-off meeting in Bamako and will advice the competent authorities on the scope of the SEA.  

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  annual report 2017

Annual report 2017 online

How many advisory reports did the NCEA issue last year? What were the thematic highlights? In which countries did we work? And what have been our expenses? Read it all in our annual report of 2017. A well designed website, easy to scroll and interesting to read! 

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  NCEA 25 years

The NCEA 25 years!

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the international department of the NCEA! Since our establishment on the 1st of July 1993, we have advised more then 500 times on environmental assessment processes, procedures and/or sustainable development, we grew from 7 to 16 staff members and visited almost 100 countries. See for more highlights the infographic 'NCEA 25 years'.   

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