Rapports consultatifs et projets

290 résultats

Non Titre du projet Pays Date de fin
7154 PSD DGGF En cours
7057 PSD FDW SDGP En cours
7039 PSD ORIO - Drive -D2B En cours
7025-03 Central Africa Programme with SEEAC and COMIFAC Angola; Burundi; Cameroon; Central Africa; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Rwanda En cours
7287-01 MoU BNEE-NCEA 2019-2022 - Niger Niger En cours
7300 Examen de l'EIES du Projet de production de gaz - Grand Tortue, Ahmeyim - Phase 1 - Senegal Senegal En cours
7283 SEA for a national offshore policy on a sustainable oil and gas sector in Senegal Mauritania; Senegal En cours
7287 Niger general Niger En cours
8034-01 WWF SRJS Zambia Zambia En cours
7270 Kisii Water Supply and Sanitation Project - Kenya - ORIO11KE21 Kenya En cours
7272 Iraq general Iraq; Middle East En cours
7260 Cruise Ship Terminal - Cape Verde - ORIO Cape Verde En cours
7258 Lao PDR - Capacity development programme Lao PDR En cours
7261 Advice on ToR ESIA - Fomi Dam project plan - Guinea / Avis sur le TdR de l'EIES du projet de Barrage de Fomi - Guinee Guinea En cours
7253 La Paz Water Project - Bolivia - DRIVE Bolivia En cours
7015-05 Review SEA Coaching IWRM - Rwanda Rwanda En cours
7236 Support to an SEA for the Sourou area in Mali Burkina Faso; Mali En cours
7235 Green Climate Fund ESF-related advice En cours
7233 SEA Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan-Philippines Philippines En cours
7226 Improving the Access to Healthcare for Mother and Child in Burkina Faso (ORIO) Burkina Faso En cours
7019-02 Capacity Development Ethiopia - SEA Seminar Ministry of Water Ethiopia En cours
7019-01 Capacity Development Ethiopia - Amhara Ethiopia En cours
7220 SESA for River Stabilization Plan - Bangladesh Asia; Bangladesh En cours
7215 Pan Hlaing Sluice Project - Myanmar Myanmar En cours
8033 EIA and environmental permitting in Zanzibar Tanzania; Zanzibar (Tanzania) En cours
7214 Upgrade Agriculture Colleges - Zambia - ORIO13ZM02 Zambia En cours
8028 China-NL cooperation- SEA application sustainable infrastructure development China En cours
7203 Coaching SEA Delta - Myanmar Asia; Myanmar En cours
7204 MoU MITADER Mozambique - NCEA 2016-2019 Mozambique En cours
7015-04 SEA Regulatory Framework - Rwanda Rwanda En cours
7025-02 SEEAC Angola; Burundi; Cameroon; Central Africa; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Rwanda En cours
7195 ESIA Rehabilitation Irrigation System - Georgia - ORIO13GE01 Georgia En cours
7015-03 EIA Strengthening - RDB Rwanda Rwanda En cours
8017 EIA Inspection Project II - Georgia Georgia En cours
7020-02 EIA Strengthening MEEATU- II - Burundi Burundi En cours
7020-01 Coaching EIA Association ABEIE - Burundi Burundi En cours
7015-02 EA Associations APEIER and RAPEP - Rwanda Rwanda En cours
7137 SIDA, NIRAS and the Chalmers University of Gothenburg -International SEA Training Programmes En cours
7018 Benin general Benin En cours
7274 Mandalay Pyigyitagon Water Supply Project – Myanmar - DRIVE Myanmar 19 mrt 2019
7308 ESIA Kingfisher Oil Development - Uganda Uganda 08 mrt 2019
7208 Agua Grande Coastal Protection - Sao Tome and Principe - D2B16ST01 Sao Tome and Principe 22 feb 2019
7309 IGF for Mining - Guidance on legal frameworks in ESIA on Mining and Extraction 11 feb 2019
7218 Water Supply in Kisumu, Meru and Nyeri Counties - Kenya - D2B16KE05 Kenya 28 jan 2019
7297 Mapping 2018-2019 - Niger Niger 07 dec 2018
7292 Five bridges Conakry - Guinea / Cinq ponts - Guinée - DRIVE18GN01 Guinea 23 nov 2018
7181 SEA Voltaian Basin - Ghana Ghana 17 okt 2018
7280 ESIA Tilenga Oil Development - Uganda Uganda 12 sep 2018
7202 Fuvahmulah coastal protection - Maldives - ORIO13MV01 Maldives 01 jul 2018
7282 SEA National Territorial Development Plan - Mozambique Mozambique 19 jun 2018
7221 Advice on ESIA’s for Land Development Company Beira - Mozambique Mozambique 14 jun 2018
7243 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 26 jan 2018
7251 Review 2D seismic Keta Delta block - Ghana Ghana 19 jan 2018
7015-01 SEA Coaching IWRM Rwanda Rwanda 01 jan 2018
7206 Beira Port Access Road - Mozambique - D2B15MZ01 Mozambique 08 dec 2017
400-i Advice on the SEA for the irrigation plan of the Office du Niger - Mali Mali 25 nov 2017
7216 Solwezi Water & Sanitation Works Project - Zambia - D2B16ZM05 Zambia 26 okt 2017
7228 Review scoping report and ToR for ESIA for EACOP - Uganda Uganda 22 sep 2017
7007 SEA and multi-sector plan for the Lower Zambezi Basin: advisory reports on scoping, coaching and review - Mozambique Mozambique 10 mei 2017
7219 EIA review training - Uganda Uganda 31 mrt 2017
8013 Zanzibar Capacity Development Tanzania; Zanzibar (Tanzania) 01 nov 2016
7182 Meta study of EIAs for port development under the LG MSD 27 okt 2016
7200 ESIA organic sugar farm Chemba - Mozambique - ORIO12MZ01 Mozambique 12 aug 2016
8026 EIA SEA for Oil for Development - Cuba Cuba 21 jun 2016
7201 Jakarta Port Concept - Indonesia - D2B16RI03 Indonesia 19 jun 2016
7188 Review of the ESIA deep Sea Port Seme Podji - Benin Benin 28 feb 2016
7190 Advisory Review Raspberries Project Kindi Village - Tanzania Tanzania 24 feb 2016
7186 Review scoping report coal fired power plant - Ghana Ghana 28 jan 2016
418-i Observations on updated regulations for EIA - Uganda Uganda 15 jan 2016
8020 EIA SEA capacity development - Lebanon Lebanon 07 jan 2016
8015 Cooperation on Administration and Methodology for SEA - China Asia; China 31 dec 2015
433-i Report and comments on the proposed revision of the regulation for the EIA process - Mozambique Mozambique 11 nov 2015
420-i Quick Scan Advice ESIA for Shrimp Farm Nigeria Nigeria 31 okt 2015
425-i Process Advice EIA Public Transport West Bank, Palestinian Territories Palestinian territories 05 okt 2015
431-i Review of Western Uganda Hydropower and Rural Electrification and ESIA Report Project - Uganda Uganda 28 sep 2015
7174 Recommendations for Good Practice EIA in Indonesian Tin Mining Indonesia 26 aug 2015
424-i Raspberries Farming Project Kindi Village - Tanzania Tanzania 21 aug 2015
432-i Review of draft ESIA for cruise terminal - Cape Verde Cape Verde 14 aug 2015
390-i Quick Scan (Review) of the Rwanda National Water Resources Master Plan Rwanda 04 aug 2015
7163 Scoping advice on Port de Sèmè-Podji in Benin Benin 31 jul 2015
426-i Quick Scan EIA review of the Lafa and Onyasia (Accra) Drainage Project Ghana 15 jul 2015
427-i Review EIA Report Horizon Tannery project - South Sudan - PSIP13SS24 South Sudan 08 jun 2015
429-i Review ESIA Lake Tana Transport Infrastructure Project - Ethiopia Ethiopia 29 mei 2015
430-i Review of ESIA Report on construction and modernisation of regional road R435, Nevesinje-Berkovici Bosnia and Herzegovina 29 mei 2015
8019 EIA Oil for Development Workshop - Myanmar Myanmar 21 apr 2015
428-i Appraisal of EIA requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2015 (third call)- Ghana Ghana 17 apr 2015
421-i Review of ESIA report on Water Management Infrastructure Project in Bhola District - Bangladesh Bangladesh 24 mrt 2015
422-i Review of the ESIA for the Parakou Drinking Water Improvement project - Benin Benin 27 feb 2015
399-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Projects under the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV), 2014 Call Africa; Asia; Central America 20 feb 2015
100-i Advice on ToR: ESIA for Clean and Waste Free Bujumbura - Burundi Burundi 05 feb 2015
7145 Advice on ToR on EIA - Bagan multipurpose beautification project – Myanmar Myanmar 14 jan 2015
406-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Development of the Port of Ziguinchor, Senegal Senegal 04 nov 2014
401-i Comments: EIA review reports on oil and gas - Cameroon & Uganda Cameroon; Uganda 29 sep 2014
405-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Drinking Water Supply Bujumbura, Burundi Burundi 25 sep 2014
404-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Supporting of the Health System in Burundi through the building of two Hospitals - Districts Vumbi and Busoni Burundi 25 sep 2014
403-i Review of Draft ESIA for Greater Maputo Water Supply Project, Corumana System - Mozambique Mozambique 25 sep 2014
099-i Advisory review ESIA Hydropower Adjarala report - Benin, Togo Benin; Togo 24 sep 2014
415-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Projects under the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) 2014, 2014 call Africa; Asia 01 sep 2014
8000 Tunesia EIA EU twinning project Tunisia 01 jul 2014
098-i Advisory review: EIA and Gender Action Plan for River Management - Bangladesh Bangladesh 27 jun 2014
413-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2014, Second Call Ghana 13 jun 2014
722-i Pakistan Capacity Development Pakistan 02 jun 2014
8006 China SEA Workshop Asia; China 01 mei 2014
7025-01 Central Africa Capacity Development (PAANEEAC) Burundi; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Congo; Democratic Republic of Congo; Gabon; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe 01 mei 2014
724-i Indonesia Capacity Development Indonesia 22 apr 2014
719-i Ghana Capacity Development Ghana 06 mrt 2014
7020 EIA Strengthening MEEATU-I - Burundi Burundi 18 feb 2014
407-i Appraisal of EIA requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2013 (first call) - Ghana Ghana 16 jan 2014
371-i Mapping of EIA systems in 5 West African countries West Africa 01 jan 2014
397-i Review of ESIA for sugar production - Rwanda Rwanda 31 dec 2013
370-i Review advice ESIA redevelopment offshore oil field of Sèmè - Benin Benin 21 dec 2013
731-i Uganda Capacity Development Uganda 28 nov 2013
396-i Advisory review: scoping study and ToR for sugar plantation - Mozambique Mozambique 21 aug 2013
8011 Distant learning course on SEA - Bolivia Bolivia 12 jul 2013
8012 Advisory review: ESIA for Khudoni Hydropower Project in Georgia Georgia 03 jun 2013
703-i Mozambique Capacity Development Mozambique 15 apr 2013
710-i Bolivia Capacity Development Bolivia 20 mrt 2013
096-i Review: EIA for dredging of Cartagena Bay access canal - Colombia Colombia 08 mrt 2013
095-i Advice on scoping: IWRM support programme - Rwanda Rwanda 08 feb 2013
388-i Comments: SEA systematisation and experiences report - Bolivia Bolivia 28 dec 2012
387-i Comments: draft SEA regulation - Mozambique Mozambique 13 dec 2012
386-i Comments: draft SEA reports for oil and gas sector - Ghana Ghana 30 nov 2012
087-i SEA Spatial Planning Coastal Zone - Mozambique Mozambique 22 nov 2012
8010 Advisory review: EIA for Urirama windpark Aruba 08 nov 2012
8009 Advice on ToR: SEA for INRA land reform - Bolivia Bolivia 01 okt 2012
384-i Comments: SEA reports for oil and gas in Albertine Graben - Uganda Uganda 30 sep 2012
394-i Memorandum: EIA review - Burundi Burundi 08 aug 2012
393-i Memorandum: EIA guidelines - Burundi Burundi 25 mei 2012
078-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for oil and gas - Bolivia Bolivia 30 apr 2012
391-i Advice on review framework: EIA for oil terminal St Eustatius 26 apr 2012
733-i Macedonia Capacity Development Macedonia 29 feb 2012
392-i Memorandum: Environmental norms and standards - Burundi Burundi 01 feb 2012
091-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Living with Water programme - Bolivia Bolivia 20 jan 2012
093-i Advice on ToR: SEA for land use plan Tana Delta Kenya 10 jan 2012
378-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects Africa; Asia 04 jan 2012
380-i Guidance document: SEA and water management Macedonia 30 nov 2011
379-i Advice on scoping: SEA for urban planning Macedonia 30 nov 2011
377-i Advisory review: guidelines for biodiversity in marine/coastal EIA and SEA 30 nov 2011
092-i Advisory review: ESIA for dredging and coal transportation Mozambique; Zambezi 30 nov 2011
374-i Advice: SEA approach for mining sector - Ghana Ghana 31 aug 2011
376-i Comments: legal framework for EIA - Burundi Africa; Burundi 11 aug 2011
716-i Georgia Capacity Development Georgia 19 jul 2011
382-i Memorandum: EIA mapping - Uganda Uganda 05 jul 2011
373-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 30 jun 2011
372-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 22 feb 2011
725-i Benin Capacity Development 2005-2011 Benin 01 jan 2011
713-i Yemen Capacity Development Yemen 31 dec 2010
714-i Cape Verde Capacity Development Cape Verde 31 dec 2010
726-i Colombia Capacity Development Colombia 31 dec 2010
086-i Advice on ToR: Post Conflict Impact Assessment for mining - DRC Democratic Republic of Congo 11 nov 2010
732-i West Africa Capacity Development (WAMER) Cape Verde; Gambia; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Mauritania; Senegal; Sierra Leone 11 nov 2010
083-i Advice on ToR and review: hydropower Memve'ele - Cameroon Cameroon 10 aug 2010
369-i Comments: EIA report for geothermal plant - Bolivia Bolivia 29 jun 2010
368-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 02 apr 2010
367-i Advice: quality of environmental studies for a harbour in a vulnerable area - Colombia Colombia 31 mrt 2010
737-i Suriname Capacity Development Suriname 31 mrt 2010
366-i Advice: approach for SEA for oil/gas sector - Ghana Ghana 07 jan 2010
728-i Ethiopia Capacity Development Ethiopia 31 dec 2009
363-i Comments: EIA directive for water management and wastewater projects Yemen 31 okt 2009
362-i Comments: EIA directive for dam projects Yemen 31 okt 2009
361-i Comments: EIA directive for rural roads projects Yemen 31 okt 2009
360-i Comments: EIA directive for the extraction of oil and gas Yemen 31 okt 2009
355-i Comments: EIA report for oil/gas development Jubilee - Ghana Ghana 31 okt 2009
364-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 28 sep 2009
084-i Advice on ToR: SEA for a Road Master Plan Yemen 09 jul 2009
365-i Report: conference on safe gas extraction from Lake Kivu - Rwanda & DR Congo Democratic Republic of Congo; Rwanda 17 jun 2009
729-i Turkey Capacity Development Turkey 12 jun 2009
723-i Romania Capacity Development Romania 23 apr 2009
356-i Advice on ToR: EIA for Lake Albert drilling project- Uganda Uganda 09 mrt 2009
353-i Comments: National Biofuels Strategy - Mozambique Mozambique 23 jan 2009
712-i Greater Mekong Capacity Development Cambodia; China; Lao PDR; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam 31 dec 2008
721-i Central America Capacity Development Costa Rica; Guatemala; Nicaragua 31 dec 2008
347-i Memorandum: EIA documentation and tracking system - Botswana Botswana 14 okt 2008
346-i Comments: draft cv and ToR for urban SEA - DRC Democratic Republic of Congo 30 jul 2008
349-i Comments: generic ToR for EIA - Central America Central America 15 jul 2008
351-i Comments: environmental guide for moderate/low impact projects - Costa Rica Central America; Costa Rica 10 jul 2008
344-i Comments: SEA training manual - Bolivia Bolivia 06 jun 2008
081-i Advice on ToR: EIA for flood mitigation in Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia 04 jun 2008
341-i Review: proposal for study on hydropower development Inga - DRC Democratic Republic of Congo 25 apr 2008
343-i Comments: documents on SEA and biofuels - Colombia Colombia 24 apr 2008
352-i Guidance note: development of SEA theme papers Central America; Europe 23 apr 2008
340-i Review: EIA reports for investment projects - Ethiopia Ethiopia 04 apr 2008
339-i Comments: input document for SEA for sector plans - Mozambique Mozambique 21 mrt 2008
350-i Comments: draft SEA regulation - Bolivia Bolivia 14 mrt 2008
338-i Memorandum: monitoring action plan Lake Kivu - Rwanda Rwanda 19 feb 2008
072-i Advice: methane extraction and monitoring in Lake Kivu - Rwanda Rwanda 19 feb 2008
077-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Río Madera - Bolivia Bolivia 21 jan 2008
345-i Comments: SEA guidance document - Colombia Colombia 17 jan 2008
076-i Advice on ToR: EIAs for dams in three Wadis Yemen 02 jan 2008
337-i Comments: ToR for ESIA of water sector support program Yemen 06 dec 2007
074-i Advisory review: EIA for tourist harbour in nature reserve - Cape Verde Cape Verde 03 dec 2007
336-i Comments: sustainability assessment and EIA process reports Ireland 30 nov 2007
066-i Advice on screening: SEA for lake levels in Nile region - East Africa East Africa 19 sep 2007
335-i Review: environmental monitoring plan for island reconstruction Maldives 20 jul 2007
334-i Comments: draft law on State Environmental Review Armenia 13 jul 2007
330-i Memorandum: SEA approach for infrastructure programme - South America South America 26 jun 2007
333-i Memorandum: SEA approach for Free Trade Agreements 15 jun 2007
075-i Advice: approach for SEA for Free Trade Agreements Central America; Europe 12 jun 2007
332-i Comments: SEA documents for National Hydrocarbons Plan - Colombia Colombia 01 jun 2007
331-i Comments: framework for governance and corruption assessment Pakistan 22 mei 2007
329-i Memorandum: value and approach of SEA for wetlands policies Africa 26 apr 2007
328-i Review: Social Impact Assessment of island reconstruction - Maldives Maldives 16 jan 2007
734-i Albania and Montenegro Capacity Development Albania; Montenegro 31 dec 2006
070-i Advice on ToR: EIA for dredging of Amaluza reservoir - Ecuador Ecuador 21 dec 2006
327-i Comments: draft SEA report for National Spatial Plan - Montenegro Montenegro 19 dec 2006
326-i Review: EIA report for reservoir project Sri Lanka 16 nov 2006
325-i Comments: SEA for coastal development - Albania Albania 16 nov 2006
068-i Advisory review: EIA for Land Reclamation of Viligili Island - Maldives Maldives 23 okt 2006
059-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for offshore oil/gas exploration Mozambique 29 sep 2006
065-i Advice on ToR: SEA for oil/gas and coastal management Mauritania 22 sep 2006
324-i Comments: ToR for SEA of power sector Georgia 17 jul 2006
062-i Advisory review: EIAs for Taparura town development Tunisia 13 jul 2006
323-i Memorandum: SEA capacity gap assessment - Albania Albania 30 jun 2006
322-i Memorandum: SEA capacity gap assessment - Montenegro Montenegro 27 jun 2006
321-i Comments: draft environmental laws Georgia 19 jun 2006
069-i Advice on ToR: EIA for River and Coast Rehabilitation - Georgia Georgia 17 apr 2006
317-i Review: SEA for development strategy China 31 mrt 2006
320-i Review: SEA for waste law Georgia 20 mrt 2006
319-i Comments: sector guidelines for EIA Georgia 17 mrt 2006
061-i Advisory review: SEA for coastal development study and plan - Albania Albania 03 mrt 2006
318-i Advice: ToR for SEA for waste law Georgia 22 feb 2006
060-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for land reclamation Vilufushi island - Maldives Maldives 18 dec 2005
314-i Advice: proposal on SEA introduction - Pakistan Pakistan 07 dec 2005
313-i Memorandum: advice and support for EIA system improvement - Pakistan Pakistan 07 dec 2005
316-i Memorandum: input for SEA capacity building programme - Montenegro Montenegro 11 nov 2005
315-i Memorandum: input for SEA capacity building programme - Albania Albania 10 nov 2005
312-i Memorandum: advice on SEA for reconstruction planning - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 28 sep 2005
039-i Advisory Review: Master Plan for Lake Tai Rehabilitation - China China 20 sep 2005
311-i Comments: proposal for capacity building in Central Africa Angola; Burundi; Cameroon; Central Africa; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Gabon; Great Lakes; Rwanda 27 jul 2005
057-i Advice: Guidelines for Integrating Biodiversity in EIA/SEA Biodiversity 06 jul 2005
310-i Comments: SEA manual Central/Eastern Europe Europe 08 jun 2005
309-i Memorandum: advice on proposal for EIA/SEA capacity building - Ghana Ghana 12 mei 2005
308-i Review: Initial Environmental Evaluation for land reclamation - Maldives Maldives 15 apr 2005
307-i Report: SEA training for capacity building - Bolivia Bolivia 18 mrt 2005
306-i Memorandum: SEA proposal for reconstruction planning - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 02 mrt 2005
056-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Puerto Busch - Bolivia Bolivia 04 feb 2005
304-i Memorandum: SEA proposal for reconstruction planning - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 29 jan 2005
303-i Comments: draft permit for West African Gas Pipeline - Ghana Ghana 24 jan 2005
302-i Comments: draft SEA regulations - Bolivia Bolivia 20 jan 2005
301-i Advice on ToR: EIA for limestone mine Nigeria 10 jan 2005
058-i Advice on ToR: SEA for salt lake Salar de Uyini - Bolivia Bolivia 24 dec 2004
112-i Advice on ToR and Reviews: EIA/ESIA for Oil and Gas Pipelines - Georgia Georgia 23 dec 2004
049-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for poverty reduction strategy - Ghana Ghana 08 okt 2004
051-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA and EIA for transport options - Mozambique Mozambique 20 sep 2004
054-i Advisory review: EIA for West African gas pipeline - Ghana Ghana 31 aug 2004
055-i Advisory Review: EIAs for Cement Factory - Nigeria Nigeria 28 jul 2004
053-i Advisory review: Environmental Management Plan for petroleum Mozambique 27 mei 2004
052-i Advice: guidelines on transboundary transmission line - Central America Central America 24 feb 2003
050-i Advisory review: EIA for hazardous waste facility - Mozambique Mozambique 03 feb 2003
048-i Advice on ToR: EIA for electricity programme - Mali Mali 10 okt 2002
047-i Advisory review: EIA for Bujagali hydropower project - Uganda Uganda 26 okt 2001
046-i Advisory review: EIA for highway and sand mining - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 23 jul 2001
045-i Advisory review: EIA for oil pipeline - Ecuador Ecuador 11 mei 2001
027-i Advice: Nam Theun 2 hydropower project - Lao PDR Lao PDR 06 apr 2001
041-i Advice on ToR: EIA for Biogas Support Programme - Nepal Nepal 16 feb 2001
042-i Advisory review: EIA for Ankobra petrochemical plant - Ghana Ghana 16 feb 2001
040-i Advisory review: environmental sector study - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 05 okt 2000
020-i Advice on ToR and review: studies for Ismailia Canal lining - Egypt Egypt 24 jul 2000
038-i Advisory review: EIA for coastal resource management - Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 17 mrt 2000
033-i Advisory review: studies for oil export project Cameroon; Chad 22 feb 2000
024-i Advisory reviews: EIA for Cartagena tidal inlet - Colombia Colombia 13 dec 1999
028-i Advice: use and harmonization of project appraisal instruments 30 nov 1999
035-i Advice on ToR: EIAs for land reclamation - Philippines Philippines 27 sep 1999
034-i Advice on work plan and review: Beira coastal management Mozambique 31 mei 1999
025-i Advice: studies for rehabilitation of Lac Sud - Tunisia Tunisia 27 mei 1999
036-i Advisory review: strategic district planning - Zambia Zambia 28 jan 1999
030-i Advice: environmental aspects of sugar production - Tanzania Tanzania 14 jul 1998
031-i Advisory Review: EIA for Camisea hydrocarbon project - Peru Peru 29 mei 1998
032-i Advisory review: projects in Manila Bay - Philippines Philippines 11 mei 1998
029-i Advisory review: EIA for Hidrovía (waterway) project - South America Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Paraguay; Uruguay 15 dec 1997
019-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for gold mining Marowijne - Suriname Suriname 15 aug 1997
015-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Gaza sea port Palestinian territories 14 jul 1997
021-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery development strategy Sialkot Pakistan 24 sep 1996
022-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery development strategy Multan Pakistan 15 mei 1996
026-i Advice: water management and development cooperation 02 mei 1996
018-i Advice: analysing water management projects 01 mei 1996
023-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery industry plan Korangi Pakistan 21 mrt 1996
001-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Shabwah WASH projects - Yemen Yemen 19 mrt 1996
014-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Guayaquil land reclamation - Ecuador Ecuador 05 mrt 1996
017-i Advisory review: studies for Punjab tannery clusters Pakistan 05 feb 1996
016-i Advisory review: EIA for Ghazi Barotha hydropower project - Pakistan Pakistan 20 nov 1995
011-i Advisory review: EIA for Andhra Pradesh borewell irrigation - India India 14 jul 1995
012-i Advisory review: EIA for Tout Lui Faut oil refinery - Surinam Suriname 25 nov 1994
013-i Advisory review: North Bengal Terai development project - India India 09 sep 1994
007-i Advisory review: EIA for Kerawalapitiya land reclamation Sri Lanka 29 jun 1994
004-i Advice on ToR: environmental profile of Shabwah Yemen 27 jun 1994
003-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Rio Paute catchment - Ecuador Ecuador 27 jun 1994
010-i Advisory review: EIA for Arun III hydropower project Nepal 02 jun 1994
006-i Advice on ToR: EIA for village water supply Dosso Niger 31 jan 1994
002-i Advisory review: EIA for Punjab tanneries effluent treatment Pakistan 13 jan 1994