7285-03. Introducing SEA regulation - Jordan

There is a renewed interest to institutionalize SEA in Jordan. The NCEA is supporting the Ministry for Environment in the development of SEA regulation.

Significant details

In the mid-2000s there was a surge in SEA applications in Jordan. In that time, the Ministry of Environment (policy directorate) worked together with the EU to develop an SEA Road map. SEA was picked up by the Investment Commission, which led to several SEAs for the masterplans for special economic development zones. The SEA road map was ambitious, and never implemented. Due in part to lack of resources, but also because the SEA champions involved in developing the road map moved on to other positions. Practice has not completely died down, however. A small number of SEAs have been undertaken since then, including an SEA for the Tourism Strategy. There is now renewed interest in SEA. To come to more sustainable and inclusive planning, but also to address recent priorities such as the management of risk.
The NCEA is working with the ministry to help increase understanding of what SEA is, and how it can improve planning. The NCEA is also advising the ministry on the development of SEA regulation for Jordan. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Leyla Özay, MSc

Further details

Country: Jordan

Last modified: 07 Mar 2023