076-i. Advice on ToR: EIAs for dams in three Wadis

The NCEA advised on the quality of EIA reports for dam projects in three Wadis in Yemen. Upon its conclusion that neither of the EIA reports is complete, it provided guidelines for improved EIAs.

Advisory reports and other documents

02 Jan 2008: Advisory review

Accompanying Letter Wadi Bana

Accompanying Letter Wadi Hassan

Accompanying Letter Wadi Surdud

Advice Wadi Bana

Advice Wadi Hassan

Advice Wadi Surdud

Appendices Advice Wadi Bana

Appendices Advice Wadi Hassan

Appendices Advice Wadi Surdud

Map Wadi Bana

Map Wadi Hassan

Map Wadi Surdud

Photos Wadi Bana

Photos Wadi Hassan

Photos Wadi Surdud

Significant details

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Yemen is planning to construct three large dams:

  • A dam in Wadi Bana, for storage, flood control and control of irrigation supplies;
  • A dam in Wadi Hassan, which would be closely interlinked with the one in Wadi Bana, but they are considered separately because they can be separately developed;
  • A dam in Wadi Surdud, with multiple purposes associated with flood control and irrigation.

The Environmental Ministry asked the NCEA to advise on the quality of the EIA reports that were prepared for these three projects. In addition, the NCEA was requested to provide guidelines for supplementary information that should be added to the EIA reports, where necessary.

The NCEA formed a working group of experts and paid site visits. In the resulting reviews, the NCEA concluded that the reports do not meet the Yemeni EIA standards. Most importantly, no alternatives were assessed - which makes comparison of alternatives and a sound decision impossible. The NCEA therefore advised on guidelines for an improved EIA report, following good practice principles.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

mr M.G. Bos
ms M.M. Eid
mr J.W.A. Foppen
mr R. Slootweg

Chairman of the working group: mr K.J. Beek

Technical secretary: mr A.J. Kolhoff

Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation - Yemen
Component authority
Ministry of Water & Environment (MWE) - Yemen

Further details

Completed: 02 Jan 2008



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