March 2019

Infographic SEA process Land Use

27 March 2019

Infographic SEA process

A visual can sometimes say more than a 1000 words, so we have developed an infographic of what a typical good SEA process would look like in practice. We intend to use it in our training. But anyone is free to use it if felt useful. Please contact…


25 March 2019

Review ESIA Kingfisher oil development - Uganda

24-28 February, Hoima - The Kingfisher oil development project is located at the borders of Lake Albert, Uganda, and consists of oil production facilities, supporting infrastructure and a feeder pipeline to a planned refinery and oil export…

mandalay water

18 March 2019

Review ESIA Mandalay Pyigyitagon Water Supply Project

The Pyigyitagon township in Mandalay, Myanmar currently has 250.000 inhabitants. The Mandalay City Development Council is proposing a Water Supply Project to sustainably and continuously provide potable water according to WHO and Myanmar standards.…

SEA steering committe breedbeeld

11 March 2019

Next phase: SEA Development plan Sourou - Mali

Bamako, 1-5 March - After adopting the SEA scoping decision in February, the Steering Committee of the Sourou region development plan is moving on to the next phase: prioritising the issues at stake and assessing their impact on sustainable…

5-46 Sebaya minihydropower - kopie

11 March 2019

National SEA seminars with SEA training alumni

In the past weeks, the NCEA staff joined SIDA/Niras in some of their closing seminars of the international Strategic Environmental Assessment training programme. In Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Cambodia we gave various…

February 2019


11 February 2019

MoU 2019-2022 with ministry of Environment in Niger

Niamey, 4-8 February - With much pleasure the Nigerien ministry of Environment and the NCEA signed a protocol for collaboration for 2019 - 2022. Important themes will be elaboration of legal texts, increasing professional and regional exchange, and…

myanmar trainers

4 February 2019

SEA trainers in Myanmar

Naypyidaw, 4-8 February - In Myanmar 12 alumni of the Swedish supported international SEA programme have been trained by the NCEA to become SEA trainers. They are ready and enthusiastic to organise SEA awareness raising activities in their…

By wikipedia

1 February 2019

SEA for Sundarbans - Bangladesh

Dhaka, 27-31 January - In Bangladesh an SEA for the South West region including the Sundarbans will start soon. The Sundarbans has a World Heritage Status and is well known as an important habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger. The SEA is recommended…

By Storm Crypt - Flickr

1 February 2019

SEA for Manila Bay Sustainable Development Plan-Philippines

January - The city of Manila is growing fast, and faces major challenges in environmental management. The Government of the Philippines is developing a Sustainable Development Master Plan for the Manila Bay Area. The NCEA was asked to advise on the…

January 2019

More participation in ESIAs for water supply projects, Kenya

29 January 2019

More participation in ESIAs for water supply projects, Kenya

As part of the Develop2Build facility, the NCEA recently reviewed the ESIA reports for two Water Supply projects in Kenya. Although their differences, the NCEA also noted similar points of attention to be addressed in the final ESIA. For example,…

Scoping decision published for SEA Sourou area, Mali

24 January 2019

Scoping decision published for SEA Sourou area, Mali

The steering group of the Sourou sustainable development plan has recently adopted its SEA scoping decision and published it on their new website. See for more information on this SEA, NCEA's projectpage.

Fomi-dam Guinea: transboundary effects

7 January 2019

Fomi-dam Guinea: transboundary effects

Since several years, Guinea plans to develop a large multi-purpose dam in the upper Niger river, the Fomi Dam. Irrigation, electricity and fisheries are some of the objectives. Various possible negative or positive impacts will occur in Mali. The…