Senegal: workshop environmental and social assessment for mining

27 October 2023

The NCEA and the Directorate responsible for the Monitoring of Mining Operations in Senegal, organised a workshop in Dakar about environmental assessment, follow up, rehabilitation and mine closure.

What an inspiring week it was, marked by engaged and committed group discussions! The discussions focused on the following aspects: 

  • How to integrate environmental concerns throughout the entire exploitation process.
  • How to improve synergy required between technical staff from both environmental and geological departments for effective outcomes.
  • How to plan for closure and rehabilitation from the very beginning of the planning and ESIA phases of mining projects.

The event showcased successful examples of neighbouring countries in rehabilitating mines, serving as inspiration for the participants. Valuable insights were shared about the monitoring process, such as the BATNEEC principle: best available technologies not entailing excessive costs. It was a week of collaborative learning and exchange of ideas, contributing to a more responsible approach to the follow-up of environmental and social impacts of mining operations. 

Additional information from the workshop (in French) can be accessed here