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Updated to: 16 June 2014

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Establishing context

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Implementing SEA

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Informing decision making

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SEA practice

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Annual no. of SEAs

Although SEA is not yet legally required in Zanzibar, some SEAs have been conducted - but all by the World Bank. These SEAs concerned coastal development, and agricultural and livestock development.

Background information

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Legal framework

Enabling law

The Zanzibar Environmental Policy (2013) states that:

The Government will ensure incorporation of environmental assessment into procedures for designing and implementing development programs, plans, policies and projects.

Implementation strategies under this statement specifically mention both EIA and SEA as tools to apply to investment and development projects. The implementation strategies include the promotion of their use, strengthening public awareness on their application.

National detailed regulation

There is no national detailed regulation on SEA. The Environmental Management Act of 1996 is however being updated, and in conformity with the statements in the Environmental Policy of 2013 it will include SEA regulations.

Institutional setting


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