729-i. Turkey Capacity Development

The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry asked the NCEA to support its SEA team which is responsible for implementing the prospective SEA legislation. The NCEA collaborated with the Dutch DLG in implementing this project.

Informations importantes

Started: 2008

Completed: 2009

Process and activities

The following activities were implemented as part of this programme:

  • A study visit to the Netherlands, aiming at learning about SEA practice and regulations;
  • Trainings and coaching on SEA;
  • A pilot SEA to stimulate learning-by-doing.

The NCEA and DLG collaboratively implemented this programme. DLG contributed via its practical experience with SEA, as it is involved in many spatial plans in rural areas of the Netherlands. The NCEA contributed via its knowledge of regulations and how they operate.


The activities of the NCEA and DLG contributed to the working knowledge on SEA at the Ministry. Participants gained a better understanding of the linkages between SEA and the planning process, particularly via the pilot project. They are able to apply their insights in new SEA guidelines that were prepared for spatial planning. Moreover, participants have learned to transfer their knowledge to other parties.

Parties concernées

Secrétaire technique: ms B. Schijf

D'autres détails

Commencé: 21 jan 2008
Terminé: 12 jun 2009


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Pays/région/thème: Turkey

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