728-i. Ethiopia Capacity Development

In April 2009 the NCEA signed an MoU for co-operation with the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The MoU was intended to support the EPA in taking the lead in a process of analysis and strengthening the existing EIA system. Due to internal business re-structuring process at the Ethiopian EPA, the MoU is put on hold.

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Started: 2009

Process and activities

An MoU between the EPA and the NCEA was signed in April 2009. This was intended to be the basis of a 5-year NCEA programme for supporting the EPA in a process of analyzing and strengthening the existing EIA system. A detailed planning for the first year was prepared, including an assessment approach for wetland area planning for Chelekleka lake. 

After the mission in April 2009, however, the EPA has not been able to assign capacity to the activities under the MoU. This was caused by the EPA's prolonged Business Restructuring Process and by responsibilities for climate change policy development. In consultation with the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia, the NCEA has put implementation of the MoU on hold until new opportunities arise. In the meantime, the NCEA maintains its contacts with the Netherlands Embassy, EPA staff, and other organizations in Ethiopia such as the HoA-REC (Horn of Africa Regional Centre) and ENTRO.


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