7236. Support to an SEA for the Sourou area in Mali

Training of local and national actors in SEA as a tool in the landscape approach, followed by independent scoping advice and coaching of an SEA for the local governments of the Sourou area in Mali. With help from the Dutch embassy, the local authorities wanted to adopt a sustainable development plan.

Rapports consultatifs et autres documents

16 mei 2018: Memorandum

7236 L'état des lieux Plan de Développement Intégré et Durable du Sourou (PDIDS)

03 dec 2018: Memorandum

7236 Avis de cadrage de l'EES du Programme de Développement Durable de la zone du Sourou.pdf

Informations importantes

The Sourou area in Mali, bordering Burkina Faso with which it shares the Sourou river, has complex challenges of employment, land degradation, climate change, water management, land management, conflict and migration. In June 2017, actors from the area were invited by IUCN and NCEA to a landscape and SEA approach training in Burkina Faso. Later these actors requested the NCEA to do a similar training in Mopti, capital of the Malinese province where also the Sourou area is located. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bamako facilitated a series of trainings done by NCEA with the aim to look for joint, SEA-informed, action for the Sourou. An NCEA advice on this process to the parties was published on 16 May 2018 ("Etat des lieux"). The local governments of the Sourou area erected an "inter collectivité" (a formal collaborative body) as competent authority for a plan for sustainable development of the Sourou region, and to do an SEA to inform the plan. The governor of the Mopti region, who had approved the "inter-collectivité du Sourou", requested the NCEA to support the further SEA process. The SEA procedure started in September 2018. NCEA published a scoping advice in december 2018 (Avis de cadrage). After that, it coached the steering committee of the plan in making informed decisions.

Parties concernées

Membres du groupe de travail

ms C. Borgia
mr H. Zigterman

Le président du groupe de travail: ms M.W.J.A. van Gool

Secrétaire technique: mr S.G. Nooteboom

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Commencé: 28 sep 2017
Terminé: En cours


Natural resources management
Economical aspects
Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
Risk assessment
Environmental management
Land use planning
Climate change
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Pays/région/thème: Burkina Faso; Mali

Mise à jour: 19 mrt 2019