7214. Upgrade Agriculture Colleges - Zambia - ORIO13ZM02

Quick Scan Review of the EIA for the Upgrading and Rehabilitation of the Education Infrastructure of Agriculture Colleges in Zambia

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25 jan 2017: Memorandum


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The Ministry for Agriculture of Zambia is applying to the ORIO facility for funding for rehabilitation and upgrade of agriculture colleges in Zambia. To aid decision-making on this project, a limited environmental impact assessment (EIA) has been prepared. The ORIO staff asked the NCEA to review this EIA. The NCEA undertook a Quick Scan Review, which is undertaken by technical secretaries of the NCEA, by means of a desk study, with input provided by one external expert.

Overall, the NCEA concluded that the EIA presents a good and focused overview of the environmental and social issues. However, it needs to be augmented with a tailored environmental and social management plan for the project.

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mr T.A. Brouwer

Secrétaire technique: ms B. Schijf

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Commencé: 15 dec 2016
Terminé: En cours

Pays/région/thème: Zambia

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