353-i. Comments: National Biofuels Strategy - Mozambique

The NCEA provided comments on a draft National Biofuels Strategy for Mozambique.

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23 jan 2009: Other

Memorandum by the NCEA

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The Netherlands Embassy in Mozambique requested the NCEA to comment on the country's National Biofuels Strategy.

The NCEA issued an advice of the secretariat, presenting comments on the draft strategy. Main comments included, among others:

  • Comments on the name of the document, the strategy of introduction, and the project's contributions to poverty reduction;
  • Questions on underlying decisions, e.g. on leaving sector development to private initiative, focusing on estate-based production, etc.;
  • A conclusion that the assessment of potential economic, environmental and social impacts of certain aspects is deficient;
  • A conclusion that mechanisms for mitigation and limitation of adverse effects are insufficiently planned.

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Secrétaire technique: mr R.A.M. Post

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Commencé: 10 dec 2008
Terminé: 23 jan 2009



Pays/région/thème: Mozambique

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