332-i. Comments: SEA documents for National Hydrocarbons Plan - Colombia

The NCEA commented on various documents associated with the SEA for Colombia's National Hydrocarbons Plan 2020.

Informations importantes

The NCEA has an MoU with the Colombian Ministry of Environment, Housing and Spatial Planning (MAVDT). In the framework of this MoU, the NCEA has reviewed the documents of the SEA of the National Hydrocarbons Plan 2020.

The NCEA prepared an advice of the secretariat (in Spanish) in which it commented on the following three aspects of these documents: 

  • Description of the different phases of the plan;
  • Stakeholder participation and the kick-off workshop;
  • The Terms of Reference for the SEA.

Parties concernées

Secrétaire technique: ms I.A. Steinhauer

D'autres détails

Terminé: 01 jun 2007


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Social Impact Assessment
Stakeholder engagement
Natural resources management
Energy (non-renewable)

Pays/région/thème: Colombia

Mise à jour: 02 apr 2019