017-i. Advisory review: studies for Punjab tannery clusters

The NCEA reviewed studies and associated documents concerning technologies used in tannery clusters in Punjab. It recommended several actions to improve decision-making on the associated project proposals.  

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05 feb 1996: Other


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The Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation asked the NCEA to advise on appraisal of several studies associated with tannery clusters in Punjab, including:

  • 'Introduction of cleaner technologies in tannery clusters of Punjab';
  • 'Techno-economic study of combined effluent treatment plants for tannery clusters in Punjab';
  • Project proposals formulated in these studies.

The NCEA concludes a.o. the following:

  • There is no complete analysis of the origin of the rapid development of the Pakistan leather industry (and associated environmental problems);
  • A priority list should be developed of environmental measures, based on their cost-effectiveness, practicality and fitness for rapid introduction;
  • End-of-pipe technologies should be developed complementary to and tuned to in-house arrangements, and should be embedded in city development plans;
  • The documents do not provide a clear understanding of the mandate of the Pakistan Tanneries Association.

The NCEA made recommendations on follow-up activities, on the project proposals, and on the possible use of EIA in decision-making processes.

Parties concernées

Membres du groupe de travail

mr J.S.A. Langerwerf
mr P.T. Lanser
mr I. van der Putte

Le président du groupe de travail: mr J.W. Kroon

Secrétaire technique: mr R.A.M. Post

Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA)
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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Commencé: 16 nov 1995
Terminé: 05 feb 1996



Pays/région/thème: Pakistan

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