013-i. Advisory review: North Bengal Terai development project - India

The NCEA had started a procedure to issue an advisory review of environmental information for the North Bengal Terai Development Project (third phase). The demand for support was however withdrawn and no advisory review was published.

Informations importantes

Supported by the Dutch Government, the Indian Government wanted to improve the standard of living for small and marginal farmers in 3 districts of West Bengal. The proposed means to achieve this was increasing agricultural output, improvind the sustainable use of soil and water, improving the position of women, and increasing local ownership of irrigation facilities. This proposal was the third phase of a project which started in 1985.

Despite an initial request for the NCEA's assistance in the form of an advisory review, this request was later withdrawn by the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation. The NCEA discontinued its procedure and did not publish an advisory review.

Parties concernées

Membres du groupe de travail

mr J.N.J. Buijs

Le président du groupe de travail: mr D. de Zeeuw

Secrétaire technique: mr A.J. Kolhoff

Indian Government
Autorité de composants
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Commencé: 01 mei 1994
Terminé: 09 sep 1994


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Pays/région/thème: India

Mise à jour: 09 apr 2019