Rapports consultatifs et projets

270 résultats
Non Titre du projet Pays Date de fin
7243 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) En cours
7019-02 Capacity Development Ethiopia - SEA Seminar Ministry of Water Ethiopia En cours
7019-01 Capacity Development Ethiopia - Amhara Ethiopia En cours
8034 WWF SRJS non-partner countries Bolivia; Guyana; Paraguay; Suriname; Zambia En cours
7225 WWF SRJS OS partner countries Indonesia; Mozambique En cours
7221 Advice on ESIA’s for Land Development Company Beira Mozambique Mozambique En cours
7216 Review of Solwezi Water & Sanitation works project D2B16ZM05 Zambia En cours
7215 Advice on Scoping Document ESIA for Pan Hlaing Sluice Project Myanmar Myanmar En cours
8033 EIA and environmental permitting in Zanzibar Tanzania; Zanzibar (Tanzania) En cours
7208 Agua Grande Coastal Protection Sao Tome Principe D2B16ST01 Sao Tome and Principe En cours
8028 China-NL cooperation- SEA application sustainable infrastructure development China En cours
8031 UN ECE ESPOO Convention/SEA Protocol En cours
7206 Beira Port Access Road Mozambique D2B15MZ01 Mozambique En cours
7205 Beira Water Supply Mozambique D2B15MZ06 Mozambique En cours
7204 MoU MITADER Mozambique - NCEA 2016-2019 Mozambique En cours
7201 Jakarta Port Concept D2B16RI03 Indonesia En cours
7015-04 REMA SEA Rwanda En cours
7025-02 SEEAC Benin; Burundi; Cameroon; Central Africa; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of Congo; Equatorial Guinea; Rwanda En cours
7166 Advice on SEA (ToR & Review) for Lake Turkana project - Kenya Kenya En cours
8029 IUCN-NL SRJS Non-Partner countries Bolivia; Burkina Faso; Madagascar; Paraguay; Philippines En cours
7185 IUCN-NL SRJS OS-Partner countries Benin; Ghana; Indonesia; Mozambique En cours
7181 SEA Voltaian Basin in Ghana Ghana En cours
7015-03 EIA Strengthening - RDB Rwanda Rwanda En cours
7015-01 SEA Coaching IWRM Rwanda Rwanda En cours
8017 EIA Inspection Project Georgia II Georgia En cours
7020-02 EIA Strengthening MEEATU- II Burundi En cours
7020-01 Coaching EIA Association ABEIE Burundi En cours
7015-02 Coaching EIA Association APEIER Rwanda En cours
7018 Benin Capacity Development 2011 - Benin En cours
400-i Avis sur l’EES pour le Plan d’Aménagement Hydro Agricole de l'Office du Niger / Advice on the SEA for the Irrigation plan of the Office du Niger Mali 25 nov 2017
7228 Review scoping report and ToR for ESIA for EACOP-Uganda Africa; Uganda 22 sept 2017
7214 Upgrade Agriculture Colleges Zambia ORIO13/ZM/02 Zambia 19 mai 2017
7007 SEA and multi-sector plan for the Lower Zambezi Basin: advisory reports on scoping, coaching and review Mozambique 10 mai 2017
7219 EIA review training Uganda Uganda 31 mars 2017
7195 ESIA – Rehabilitation Irrigation system Georgia Georgia 02 janv 2017
7202 Review ESIA Fuvahmulah coastal protection ORIO13/MV/01 Maldives 02 déc 2016
8013 Zanzibar Capacity Development Tanzania; Zanzibar (Tanzania) 01 nov 2016
7182 Meta study of EIAs for port development under the LG MSD 27 oct 2016
7200 Quick scan ESIA organic sugar farm Chemba ORIO12/MZ/01 Mozambique 12 août 2016
8027 2016 Seminar International EIA Systems China; Hong Kong 04 juil 2016
8026 EIA SEA for Oil for Development Cuba Cuba 21 juin 2016
7188 Review EIA deep Sea Port Seme Podji Benin 28 févr 2016
7190 Advisory Review Raspberries Project Kindi Village Tanzania 24 févr 2016
7186 Review scoping report coal fired power plant Ghana 28 janv 2016
418-i Observations on updated regulations for EIA Uganda 15 janv 2016
8020 EIA SEA capacity development Lebanon Lebanon 07 janv 2016
8015 Cooperation on Administration and Methodology for SEA Asia; China 31 déc 2015
433-i Report and comments on the proposed revision of the regulation for the process of Environmental Impact Assessment Mozambique 11 nov 2015
420-i Quick Scan Advice ESIA for Shrimp Farm Nigeria Nigeria 31 oct 2015
425-i Process Advice EIA Public Transport West Bank, Palestinian Territories Palestinian territories 05 oct 2015
431-i Review of Western Uganda Hydropower and Rural Electrification and ESIA Report Project Uganda 28 sept 2015
7174 Recommendations for Good Practice EIA in Indonesian Tin Mining Indonesia 26 août 2015
424-i Raspberries Farming Project Kindi Village Tanzania Tanzania 21 août 2015
432-i Review of draft ESIA for cruise terminal Cape Verde 14 août 2015
390-i Quick Scan (Review) of the Rwanda National Water Resources Master Plan Rwanda 04 août 2015
7163 Scoping advice on Port de Sèmè-Podji in Benin Benin 31 juil 2015
426-i Quick Scan EIA review of the Lafa and Onyasia (Accra) Drainage Project Ghana 15 juil 2015
427-i Review EIA Report Horizon Tannery project South Sudan 08 juin 2015
429-i Review ESIA Lake Tana Transport Infrastructure Project Ethiopia 29 mai 2015
430-i Review of ESIA Report on construction and modernisation of regional road R435, Nevesinje-Berkovici Bosnia and Herzegovina 29 mai 2015
428-i Appraisal of EIA requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2015 (third call) Ghana 17 avr 2015
421-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on the Water Management Infrastructure Project in Bhola District, Bangladesh Bangladesh 24 mars 2015
8019 EIA Oil for Development Workshop - Myanmar Myanmar 21 mars 2015
422-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA for the Parakou Drinking Water Improvement project Benin 27 févr 2015
399-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Projects under the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV), 2014 Call Africa; Asia; Central America 20 févr 2015
100-i Advice on ToR: ESIA for Clean and Waste Free Bujumbura Africa 05 févr 2015
101-i Advice on ToR on EIA - Bagan multipurpose beautification project – Myanmar Myanmar 14 janv 2015
406-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Development of the Port of Ziguinchor, Senegal Senegal 04 nov 2014
401-i Comments: EIA review reports on oil and gas Cameroon; Uganda 29 sept 2014
405-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Drinking Water Supply Bujumbura, Burundi Burundi 25 sept 2014
404-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Supporting of the Health System in Burundi through the building of two Hospitals - Districts Vumbi and Busoni Burundi 25 sept 2014
403-i Quick Scan (Review) of the Draft ESIA Report on Greater Maputo Water Supply Project, Corumana System, Mozambique Mozambique 25 sept 2014
099-i Advisory review ESIA Hydropower Adjarala report Benin; Togo 24 sept 2014
415-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Projects under the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) 2014, 2014 call Africa; Asia 01 sept 2014
8000 Tunesia EIA EU twinning project 01 juil 2014
098-i Advisory review: EIA and Gender Action Plan for river management Bangladesh 27 juin 2014
413-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2014, Second Call Ghana 13 juin 2014
722-i Pakistan Capacity Development Pakistan 02 juin 2014
8006 China SEA Workshop Asia; China 01 mai 2014
7025-01 Central Africa Capacity Development (PAANEEAC) Burundi; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Congo; Democratic Republic of Congo; Gabon; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe 01 mai 2014
724-i Indonesia Capacity Development Indonesia 22 avr 2014
719-i Ghana Capacity Development Ghana 06 mars 2014
7020 EIA Strengthening MEEATU-I Burundi 18 févr 2014
407-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2013, First call Ghana 16 janv 2014
371-i Project note: mapping of EIA systems in West Africa/ Notification de projet: cartographie des systèmes d’EIE en Afrique de l'Ouest West Africa 01 janv 2014
397-i Advisory review: ESIA for sugar production Rwanda 31 déc 2013
370-i Conseil sur la validation de l’EIE du Projet de Redéveloppement du Champ Pétrolifère de Sèmè, Juin 2013 (RÉF. # SA-BTB-0005-D06-EIA_FD) Benin 21 déc 2013
731-i Uganda Capacity Development Uganda 28 nov 2013
396-i Advisory review: scoping study and ToR for sugar plantation Mozambique 21 août 2013
8011 Distant learning course on SEA Bolivia 12 juil 2013
8012 Advisory review: ESIA for Khudoni Hydropower Project Georgia 03 juin 2013
703-i Mozambique Capacity Development Mozambique 15 avr 2013
710-i Bolivia Capacity Development Bolivia 20 mars 2013
096-i Review: EIA for dredging of Cartagena Bay access canal Colombia 08 mars 2013
095-i Advice on scoping: IWRM support programme Rwanda 08 févr 2013
388-i Comments: SEA systematization and experiences report Bolivia 28 déc 2012
387-i Comments: draft SEA regulation Mozambique 13 déc 2012
386-i Comments: draft SEA reports for oil and gas sector Ghana 30 nov 2012
385-i Advisory review: SEA for coastal zones Mozambique 22 nov 2012
8010 Advisory review: EIA for Urirama windpark Aruba 08 nov 2012
8009 Advice on ToR: SEA for INRA land reform Bolivia 01 oct 2012
384-i Comments: SEA reports for oil and gas in Albertine Graben Uganda 30 sept 2012
394-i Memorandum: EIA review Burundi 08 août 2012
393-i Memorandum: EIA guidelines Burundi 25 mai 2012
078-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for oil and gas Bolivia 30 avr 2012
391-i Advice on review framework: EIA for oil terminal St Eustatius 26 avr 2012
733-i Macedonia Capacity Development Macedonia 29 févr 2012
392-i Memorandum: Environmental norms and standards Burundi 01 févr 2012
091-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Living with Water programme Bolivia 20 janv 2012
093-i Advice on ToR: SEA for land use plan Tana Delta Kenya 10 janv 2012
378-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects Africa; Asia 04 janv 2012
380-i Guidance document: SEA and water management Macedonia 30 nov 2011
379-i Advice on scoping: SEA for urban planning Macedonia 30 nov 2011
377-i Advisory review: guidelines for biodiversity in marine/coastal EIA and SEA 30 nov 2011
092-i Advisory review: ESIA for dredging and coal transportation Mozambique; Zambezi 30 nov 2011
374-i Advice: SEA approach for mining sector Ghana 31 août 2011
376-i Comments: legal framework for EIA Africa; Burundi 11 août 2011
716-i Georgia Capacity Development Georgia 19 juil 2011
382-i Memorandum: EIA mapping Uganda 05 juil 2011
373-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 30 juin 2011
372-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 22 févr 2011
725-i Benin Capacity Development 2005-2011 Benin 01 janv 2011
713-i Yemen Capacity Development Yemen 31 déc 2010
714-i Cape Verde Capacity Development Cape Verde 31 déc 2010
726-i Colombia Capacity Development Colombia 31 déc 2010
086-i Advice on ToR: Post Conflict Impact Assessment for mining Democratic Republic of Congo 11 nov 2010
732-i West Africa Capacity Development (WAMER) Cape Verde; Gambia; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Mauritania; Senegal; Sierra Leone 11 nov 2010
083-i Advice on ToR and review: hydropower Memve'ele Cameroon 10 août 2010
369-i Comments: EIA report for geothermal plant Bolivia 29 juin 2010
368-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 02 avr 2010
367-i Advice: quality of environmental studies for a harbour in a vulnerable area Colombia 31 mars 2010
737-i Suriname Capacity Development Suriname 31 mars 2010
366-i Advice: approach for SEA for oil/gas sector Ghana 07 janv 2010
728-i Ethiopia Capacity Development Ethiopia 31 déc 2009
359-i Advice: call for consultant proposals for coastal planning and SEA Mozambique 18 nov 2009
363-i Comments: EIA directive for water management and wastewater projects Yemen 31 oct 2009
362-i Comments: EIA directive for dam projects Yemen 31 oct 2009
361-i Comments: EIA directive for rural roads projects Yemen 31 oct 2009
360-i Comments: EIA directive for the extraction of oil and gas Yemen 31 oct 2009
355-i Comments: EIA report for oil/gas development Jubilee Ghana 31 oct 2009
364-i Appraisal: EIA requirements for proposed ORIO projects 28 sept 2009
358-i Advice: approach for coastal planning and SEA (first phase) Mozambique 14 juil 2009
084-i Advice on ToR: SEA for a Road Master Plan Yemen 09 juil 2009
365-i Report: conference on safe gas extraction from Lake Kivu Democratic Republic of Congo; Rwanda 17 juin 2009
729-i Turkey Capacity Development Turkey 12 juin 2009
357-i Advice: approach for coastal planning and SEA (orientation) Mozambique 29 mai 2009
723-i Romania Capacity Development Romania 23 avr 2009
356-i Advice on ToR: EIA for Lake Albert drilling project Uganda 09 mars 2009
353-i Comments: National Biofuels Strategy Mozambique 23 janv 2009
712-i Greater Mekong Capacity Development Cambodia; China; Lao PDR; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam 31 déc 2008
721-i Central America Capacity Development Costa Rica; Guatemala; Nicaragua 31 déc 2008
347-i Memorandum: EIA documentation and tracking system Botswana 14 oct 2008
346-i Comments: draft cv and ToR for urban SEA Democratic Republic of Congo 30 juil 2008
349-i Comments: generic ToR for EIA Central America 15 juil 2008
351-i Comments: environmental guide for moderate/low impact projects Central America 10 juil 2008
344-i Comments: SEA training manual Bolivia 06 juin 2008
081-i Advice on ToR: EIA for flood mitigation Indonesia 04 juin 2008
342-i Comments: ToR for SEA in coastal areas Mozambique 09 mai 2008
341-i Review: proposal for study on hydropower development Inga Democratic Republic of Congo 25 avr 2008
343-i Comments: documents on SEA and biofuels Colombia 24 avr 2008
352-i Guidance note: development of SEA theme papers Central America; Europe 23 avr 2008
340-i Review: EIA reports for investment projects Ethiopia 04 avr 2008
339-i Comments: input document for SEA for sector plans Mozambique 21 mars 2008
350-i Comments: draft SEA regulation Bolivia 14 mars 2008
338-i Memorandum: monitoring action plan Lake Kivu Rwanda 19 févr 2008
072-i Advice: methane extraction and monitoring in Lake Kivu Rwanda 19 févr 2008
077-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Río Madera Bolivia 21 janv 2008
345-i Comments: SEA guidance document Colombia 17 janv 2008
076-i Advice on ToR: EIAs for dams in three Wadis Yemen 02 janv 2008
337-i Comments: ToR for ESIA of water sector support program Yemen 06 déc 2007
074-i Advisory review: EIA for tourist harbour in nature reserve Cape Verde 03 déc 2007
336-i Comments: sustainability assessment and EIA process reports Ireland 30 nov 2007
066-i Advice on screening: SEA for lake levels in Nile region Africa 19 sept 2007
335-i Review: environmental monitoring plan for island reconstruction Maldives 20 juil 2007
334-i Comments: draft law on State Environmental Review Armenia 13 juil 2007
330-i Memorandum: SEA approach for infrastructure program South America 26 juin 2007
333-i Memorandum: SEA approach for Free Trade Agreements 15 juin 2007
075-i Advice: approach for SEA for Free Trade Agreements Central America; Europe 12 juin 2007
332-i Comments: SEA documents for National Hydrocarbons Plan Colombia 01 juin 2007
331-i Comments: framework for governance and corruption assessment Pakistan 22 mai 2007
329-i Memorandum: value and approach of SEA for wetlands policies Africa 26 avr 2007
328-i Review: Social Impact Assessment of island reconstruction Maldives 16 janv 2007
734-i Albania and Montenegro Capacity Development Albania; Montenegro 31 déc 2006
070-i Advice on ToR: EIA for dredging of Amaluza reservoir Ecuador 21 déc 2006
327-i Comments: draft SEA report for National Spatial Plan Montenegro 19 déc 2006
326-i Review: EIA report for reservoir project Sri Lanka 16 nov 2006
325-i Comments: SEA for coastal development Albania 16 nov 2006
068-i Advisory review: EIA for land reclamation of Viligili island Maldives 23 oct 2006
059-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for offshore oil/gas exploration Mozambique 29 sept 2006
065-i Advice on ToR: SEA for oil/gas and coastal management Mauritania 22 sept 2006
324-i Comments: ToR for SEA of power sector Georgia 17 juil 2006
062-i Advisory review: EIAs for Taparura town development Tunisia 13 juil 2006
323-i Memorandum: SEA capacity gap assessment Albania 30 juin 2006
322-i Memorandum: SEA capacity gap assessment Montenegro 27 juin 2006
321-i Comments: draft environmental laws Georgia 19 juin 2006
069-i Advice on ToR: EIA for river and coast rehabilitation Georgia 17 avr 2006
317-i Review: SEA for development strategy China 31 mars 2006
320-i Review: SEA for waste law Georgia 20 mars 2006
319-i Comments: sector guidelines for EIA Georgia 17 mars 2006
061-i Advisory review: SEA for coastal development study and plan Albania 03 mars 2006
318-i Advice: ToR for SEA for waste law Georgia 22 févr 2006
060-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for land reclamation Vilufushi island Maldives 18 déc 2005
314-i Advice: proposal on SEA introduction Pakistan 07 déc 2005
313-i Memorandum: advice and support for EIA system improvement Pakistan 07 déc 2005
316-i Memorandum: input for SEA capacity building programme Montenegro 11 nov 2005
315-i Memorandum: input for SEA capacity building programme Albania 10 nov 2005
312-i Memorandum: advice on SEA for reconstruction planning Sri Lanka 28 sept 2005
039-i Advisory review: master plan for lake Tai rehabilitation China 20 sept 2005
311-i Comments: proposal for capacity building in Central Africa Africa 27 juil 2005
057-i Advice: guidelines for integrating biodiversity in EIA/SEA Biodiversity 06 juil 2005
310-i Comments: SEA manual Central/Eastern Europe Europe 08 juin 2005
309-i Memorandum: advice on proposal for EIA/SEA capacity building Ghana 12 mai 2005
308-i Review: Initial Environmental Evaluation for land reclamation Maldives 15 avr 2005
307-i Report: SEA training for capacity-building Bolivia 18 mars 2005
306-i Memorandum: SEA proposal for reconstruction planning Sri Lanka 02 mars 2005
056-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Puerto Busch Bolivia 04 févr 2005
304-i Memorandum: SEA proposal for reconstruction planning Sri Lanka 29 janv 2005
303-i Comments: draft permit for West African Gas Pipeline Ghana 24 janv 2005
302-i Comments: draft SEA regulations Bolivia 20 janv 2005
301-i Advice on ToR: EIA for limestone mine Nigeria 10 janv 2005
058-i Advice on ToR: SEA for salt lake Salar de Uyini Bolivia 24 déc 2004
112-i Advice on ToR and reviews: EIA/ESIA for oil and gas pipelines Georgia 23 déc 2004
049-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for poverty reduction strategy Ghana 08 oct 2004
051-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA and EIA for transport options Mozambique 20 sept 2004
054-i Advisory review: EIA for West African gas pipeline Ghana 31 août 2004
055-i Advisory review: EIAs for cement factory Nigeria 28 juil 2004
053-i Advisory review: Environmental Management Plan for petroleum Mozambique 27 mai 2004
052-i Advice: guidelines on transboundary transmission line Central America 24 févr 2003
050-i Advisory review: EIA for hazardous waste facility Mozambique 03 févr 2003
048-i Advice on ToR: EIA for electricity programme Mali 10 oct 2002
047-i Advisory review: EIA for Bujagali hydropower project Uganda 26 oct 2001
046-i Advisory review: EIA for highway and sand mining Sri Lanka 23 juil 2001
045-i Advisory review: EIA for oil pipeline Ecuador 11 mai 2001
027-i Advice: Nam Theun 2 hydropower project Lao PDR 06 avr 2001
042-i Advisory review: EIA for Ankobra petrochemical plant Ghana 16 févr 2001
041-i Advice on ToR: EIA for Biogas Support Programme Nepal 16 févr 2001
040-i Advisory review: environmental sector study Sri Lanka 05 oct 2000
020-i Advice on ToR and review: studies for Ismailia Canal lining Egypt 24 juil 2000
038-i Advisory review: EIA for coastal resource management Sri Lanka 17 mars 2000
033-i Advisory review: studies for oil export project Cameroon; Chad 22 févr 2000
024-i Advisory reviews: EIA for Cartagena tidal inlet Colombia 13 déc 1999
028-i Advice: use and harmonization of project appraisal instruments 30 nov 1999
035-i Advice on ToR: EIAs for land reclamation Philippines 27 sept 1999
034-i Advice on work plan and review: Beira coastal management Mozambique 31 mai 1999
025-i Advice: studies for rehabilitation of Lac Sud Tunisia 27 mai 1999
036-i Advisory review: strategic district planning Zambia 28 janv 1999
030-i Advice: environmental aspects of sugar production Tanzania 14 juil 1998
031-i Advisory Review: EIA for Camisea hydrocarbon project Peru 29 mai 1998
032-i Advisory review: projects in Manila Bay Philippines 11 mai 1998
029-i Advisory review: EIA for Hidrovía (waterway) project Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Paraguay; Uruguay 15 déc 1997
019-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for gold mining Marowijne Suriname 15 août 1997
015-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Gaza sea port Palestinian territories 14 juil 1997
021-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery development strategy Sialkot Pakistan 24 sept 1996
022-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery development strategy Multan Pakistan 15 mai 1996
026-i Advice: water management and development cooperation 02 mai 1996
018-i Advice: analysing water management projects 01 mai 1996
023-i Advice on ToR: EIA for tannery industry plan Korangi Pakistan 21 mars 1996
001-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Shabwah WASH projects Yemen 19 mars 1996
014-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for Guayaquil land reclamation Ecuador 05 mars 1996
017-i Advisory review: studies for Punjab tannery clusters Pakistan 05 févr 1996
016-i Advisory review: EIA for Ghazi Barotha hydropower project Pakistan 20 nov 1995
011-i Advisory review: EIA for Andhra Pradesh borewell irrigation India 14 juil 1995
012-i Advisory review: EIA for Tout Lui Faut oil refinery Suriname 25 nov 1994
013-i Advisory review: North Bengal Terai development project India 09 sept 1994
007-i Advisory review: EIA for Kerawalapitiya land reclamation Sri Lanka 29 juin 1994
004-i Advice on ToR: environmental profile of Shabwah Yemen 27 juin 1994
003-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Rio Paute catchment Ecuador 27 juin 1994
010-i Advisory review: EIA for Arun III hydropower project Nepal 02 juin 1994
006-i Advice on ToR: EIA for village water supply Dosso Niger 31 janv 1994
002-i Advisory review: EIA for Punjab tanneries effluent treatment Pakistan 13 janv 1994