391-i. Advice on review framework: EIA for oil terminal

The NCEA was asked to assist in the review of an EIA for an oil terminal on Sint Eustatius. For that purpose, it developed a generic review framework.

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Memorandum by the NCEA

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Rijkswaterstaat Noordzee is the competent authority for a licensing decision on the proposed expansion of an oil terminal on Sint Eustatius. As part of this decision-making procedure, it reviews the quality of the EIA prepared for this project. It requested the NCEA to assist in this review process.

For that purpose, the NCEA issued a generic review framework. Due to a short time frame and limited budget, this framework is not fully tailor-made but based on EIA guidance of the EU and the NCEA's experience with oil terminals in the Netherlands.

Apart from describing seven aspects of the proposed review framework, the memorandum also lists essential aspects that an EIA for oil terminals should address, and that hence should be taken into account in the review process.

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Secrétaire technique: mr S.J. Harkema

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Country: St Eustatius

Mise à jour: 14 août 2014