098-i. Advisory review: EIA and Gender Action Plan for River Management - Bangladesh

The NCEA issued an advisory review of the EIA and Gender Action Plan (GAP) for a river management programme in Bangladesh. It concluded that the EIA is sufficiently complete and that some missing information can still be included in the planned SEA.

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26 juin 2014: Advisory review
Advisory Review - Bangladesh

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The Netherlands Embassy in Bangladesh is planning to contribute financially to the implementation of the Main River Flood and Bank Erosion Risk Management Programme. The aim of this program is to sustain incomes and livelihoods of people living along selected sections of the three main rivers in Bangladesh (Jamuna, Padma, Ganges). The programme consists of three phases.

An EIA has been conducted for the first phase. The NCEA was requested to execute a desk review of the following documents:

  • Draft EIA Report;
  • Final EIA Report, Annex I: Social Gender Equity Strategy & Action Plan;
  • Final EIA Report: Feasibility study (sections on social and gender issues of this report have been reviewed).

The NCEA reviewed these documents and issued an advisory review to present its conclusions. Main findings were that most of the essential information necessary for phase 1 of the programme is included in the EIA report and the Gender Action Plan (GAP), but that some important information is not covered. This information can however be included in follow-up studies that have been planned, such as the SEA.

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mr E. van Beek
ms C.L.M. Bentvelsen
mr F.D. Deodatus
mr G.J. de Graaf

Le président du groupe de travail: mr R. Rabbinge
Secrétaire technique: mr A.J. Kolhoff

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Country: Bangladesh

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