03 October 2018

Review ESIA gas/liquid project, Senegal

sen mau
The Senegalese environmental agency DEEC is currently reviewing an ESIA for a gas to liquid project. This project is planned offshore, near the Mauritanian border. Particular concerns about this project are the potential impacts on fisheries, biodiversity and coastal erosion. DEEC recently requested the NCEA to carry out an independent review of this ESIA. The NCEA’s advice will inform the upcoming public hearing and a meeting validating the ESIA. Our advice will also inform an ongoing SEA for the off shore gas and oil sector. 

01 October 2018

“EIA is the soul of sustainable tourism”

zanzibar tourism“EIA is the soul of sustainable tourism”. This was the slogan for a seminar organised on Zanzibar in honour of World Tourism Day.  It was a jointly organised by the Zanzibar Environmental Management Agency, Commission for Tourism, and Investment agency. The activity was supported by a co-operation project between Dutch and Zanzibar governments. The NCEA presented an international perspective on how ESIA can contribute to better tourism projects.