27 September 2017

SEA for Rukwa-Katavi landscape, Tanzania

September 2017 - TanzaniaIn the Rukwa–Katavi landscape in Tanzania, local stakeholders are looking for ways to better manage development in their area. Major projects are planned in and around the area, and pressure on for example water resources is increasing. SEA can be a useful tool to support planning here. It helps to integrate environmental and social concerns into decision-making, to identify alternatives to achieve plan objectives, and it provides a platform for stakeholder dialogues on the best options. SEA is also a requirement for planning under Tanzanian law. In September a four-day workshop was held in Mbeya to build understanding of SEA and identify opportunities for application in the landscape.

27 September 2017

Working visit of NEMA Uganda team

September 2017 - UgandaThe Ugandan environmental authority (NEMA) is currently reviewing the scoping report and Terms of Reference for a complex ESIA. This ESIA concerns the development of the East Africa Crude Oil export Pipeline (EACOP), intended to transport oil from the Lake Albert basin in Uganda to the Chongoleani peninsula in Tanzania. To make sure that its review addresses all relevant aspects, NEMA asked the NCEA to assist. A visit of the NEMA team to the NCEA enabled them to discuss the issues in depth, and simultaneously helped to develop NEMA’s capacity on ESIA review. The joint advisory report is available on the project page.

26 September 2017

Developing an E(S)IA website for Zanzibar

September 2017 - ZanzibarHow to inform project developers about the requirements for E(S)IA that they have to comply with? A website can be a good medium, since it is easily accessible. The Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) aims to set up such a website. In working sessions with the NCEA, the E(S)IA section of ZEMA analysed the target audience and the required contents of the site.

The sessions were part of the capacity development programme of the NCEA and ZEMA. One of the other activities under the programme will be an E(S)IA awareness raising event for the tourism sector, which is planned for 2018.

26 September 2017

We're looking for a new colleague!

Logo grootWe have a vacancy for a (junior or medior) technical secretary / environmental assessment specialist. Have a look at the job description (in Dutch) to find out more!




25 September 2017

SEA and Delta strategy Myanmar: green or grey?

September 2017 - Myanmar_kleinerA workshop took place in the framework of the SEA inclusive ‘Integrated Ayeyarwady Delta Strategy’ in Myanmar. The workshop, in which the NCEA played a role, served to discuss two main strategies for further development of the Delta. The ‘grey’ strategy takes man-made infrastructure as a starting point for developing the Delta’s economic potential. The ‘green’ strategy, on the other hand, is based on adapting to the natural system. Participants showed great interest in the green strategy, which is based on the ‘room for rivers’ principles that were originally developed in The Netherlands.

06 September 2017

Strategic environmental assessment workshop Mozambique

September 2017 - MozambiqueIn a week-long workshop, staff of the Environmental Ministry in Mozambique (MITADER) learnt about the basics of SEA. They were trained in preparing for SEA, managing the process, and using SEA results in decision making. The workshop was organised by MITADER and WWF-Mozambique, and the NCEA contributed to it. The first days of the workshop also targeted top-level staff of various ministries, and included representatives from NGOs and academics.