12 April 2017

Mobilising civil society for new SEA regulations in Uganda

April 2017 - Uganda IUCNCivil society organisations play a key role in mobilising stakeholders around ESIA and SEA. In the current development of SEA regulations and guidelines in Uganda, CSOs can both provide their own input and make local communities aware of the possibility to exert influence. In order to do so, CSOs need to have basic knowledge of the principles and purposes of SEA. This was the topic of an NCEA training for 25 members of Ugandan CSOs, in the framework of the IUCN-NL ‘Shared Resources, Joint Solutions’ programme. A combination of information and hands-on assignments helped participants to understand ESIA and SEA.

12 April 2017

Workshop on ESIA review in Uganda

April 2017 - UgandaProjects in the petroleum sector often have a variety of environmental and social effects. These effects are addressed in ESIAs. To judge whether or not all effects have sufficiently been taken into account in the ESIA, the ESIA reviewers need specific expertise. For this reason, the NCEA organised a workshop for 16 representatives of environmental institutions in Uganda. The workshop aimed to develop their capacity in technical review of ESIAs for petroleum projects. Presentations were given by the NCEA and the National Environmental Agency of Norway, and participants did review assignments based on ESIA reports from the petroleum sector.

10 April 2017

ESIA system mapping in Togo accelerated Decree approval

April 2017 - TogoTogo has recently approved a Decree for environmental assessment. This is an important step towards improvement of the ESIA/SEA system: there is now a better legal basis that prescribes how environmental assessment should be undertaken when developing a project or plan.

At the request of the national ESIA authorities, a local partner of the NCEA, Dr. Karim Samoura, has applied the NCEA’s ‘ESIA system mapping’ method to Togo. The mapping significantly accelerated the approval of the Togolese legal framework. The NCEA itself currently has no partners in Togo as it is not a Dutch partner country.

05 April 2017

Introducing SEA in Madagascar

April 2017 - MadagascarWith several local partners, joint together through the Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme, IUCN-NL works in Madagascar on the sustainable management of the Ampasindava peninsula. Could Strategic Environmental Assessment – an approach not yet widely applied in the country - be a good means of achieving that? The NCEA facilitated an introductory workshop on SEA for the local stakeholders, including government, NGOs, local tourism operators and a mining company. Discussions started out pretty emotional, but everyone stayed on and after three days a more objective neutral debate was being held on possible future steps. The first demonstration of the added value of an SEA approach in practice?

04 April 2017

Making climate smart decisions through environmental assessment

April 2017 - CC compendium fotoCan environmental assessment help to combat climate change or adapt to its effects? Yes, it can! E(S)IA and SEA offer opportunities to consider climate change in all steps along the way - from the assessment of alternatives to the development of mitigation measures. The NCEA published a compendium of twelve cases - gathered from members of the International Association for Impact Assessment - that show 'good practice' in a variety of sectors and countries. Find them in our Publications section.

04 April 2017

Making ESIA reports more accessible through interactive websites

How to make ESIA reports more accessible and understandable for the public? With this question in mind, a pilot for ‘interactive ESIA reports’ started in The Netherlands. An existing ESIA report was transformed into a website with interactive aspects and 3D visualisations. The Ministry for Infrastructure and environment, one of the initiators, asked the NCEA to assess the added value of the interactive ESIA report compared to a more ‘traditional’ report. In our advice, we concluded that an interactive ESIA report offers good opportunities to make the information more accessible, and recommended to make sure that it meets the specific information needs of various users.

View this video by Royal HaskoningDHV for more information.