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Updated to: 27 August 2013

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SEA background

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Country contact on SEA

Ministry of Environment and Physical Development, Khartoum, Sudan.  P.O. Box     10488, Tel:   +249 183 786903, Fax: + 249 183 787617. email:,,

History of SEA

Though there are some legal provisions under the Environmnetal Protection Act, 2001 for SEA (EIA for plans and programs), SEA has not been put into practice is Sudan.

Ali O.M.M, 2007. Policy and Institutional Reform for an Effective EIA System in Sudan. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management. Vol. 9, No. 1 (March 2007) pp. 67-82

Legal framework for SEA

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No guidelines are provided

Institutional setting for SEA

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SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making


SEA practice

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SEA links

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