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Nr Project title
029-i Advisory review: EIA for Hidrovía (waterway) project - South America
056-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Puerto Busch - Bolivia
058-i Advice on ToR: SEA for salt lake Salar de Uyini - Bolivia
077-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Río Madera - Bolivia
078-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for oil and gas - Bolivia
302-i Comments: draft SEA regulations - Bolivia
307-i Report: SEA training for capacity building - Bolivia
344-i Comments: SEA training manual - Bolivia
350-i Comments: draft SEA regulation - Bolivia
369-i Comments: EIA report for geothermal plant - Bolivia
091-i Advice on ToR: SEA for Living with Water programme - Bolivia
388-i Comments: SEA systematisation and experiences report - Bolivia
8009 Advice on ToR: SEA for INRA land reform - Bolivia
8011 Distant learning course on SEA - Bolivia
7253 La Paz Water Project - Bolivia - DRIVE

Capacity development

Nr Project title
710-i Bolivia Capacity Development