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Webpages | 09 Oct 2018


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a varietyof approaches that aim to integrate environmental considerations into policies, plans and…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

SEA distant learning course in Bolivia

The NCEA, with technical assistance of ITC-Enschede, has developed an SEA distant learning course. The course is hosted by the Universidad Loyola.…

Webpages | 01 Sep 2012

Advisory report SEA land reform plan Bolivia

Utrecht,  12 November 2012. On request by the Bolivian National Institute for Land Reform (INRA), an NCEA expert group visited Bolivia in august…

Webpages | 04 Apr 2018

New vice-chair NCEA international

We like to welcome Ms. Tanya van Gool as our new vice-chairperson at the NCEA

Webpages | 13 Mar 2018

SEA: added value for Pantanal-Chaco region

How can SEA be an added value for spatial planning and water infrastructure in the Pantanal-Chaco region?

Webpages | 18 Jan 2019

Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)

  It saddens us deeply to learn that our beloved and passionate former Chairman for Development Cooperation -  Prof. Klaas Jan Beek -…

Webpages | 31 Jan 2019

Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme

SRJS workshop - Madagascar 2017 Strategic partnership IUCN-NL and WWF-NL work together in a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership called SRJS:…