Updated to: 27 June 2011

EIA and SEA systems were not included in the environmental regulations of Honduras simultaneously. First, the principles of the EIA were introduced in 1993, with the approval of the General Environment Law (Decree No. 104-93), which were developed in the first regulation of the SINEIA (published in La Gaceta No. 27.291 on March 5, 1994). Subsequently, this regulation was recently repealed with the enactment of a new regulation of SINEIA (Ministerial Agreement No. 189-2009 published in the official newspaper on 31 December 2009), which introduced the theme of the SEA for the first time in Honduras. The EIA process starts when the proponent of a project, using the environmental categorization table, defines his project accordingly and submits it to the corresponding authority in the SINEIA, together with the respective filled out form that evaluates the significance of its environmental impact. According to the project´s given categorization, there is another defined instrument that must also be delivered, with payment for the evaluation process and the publication of the project’s intentions. Projects in Category 4, must submit an EsIA with the help of a consultant team that must be registered in the Registry of Environmental Service Providers that the SERNA manages. The SEA system is not so detailed. The regulation lists the seven major steps to follow in conducting a SEA.