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Updated to: 03 September 2019

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Contact & history

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Country contact on SEA

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN)
Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

7 avenida 03-67, zona 13, Ciudad Guatemala
Tel:  (502) 2423-0500

General Directory of Environmental Management and Natural Resources  
Tel: (502) 2423-0500 or 2202

Legal framework for SEA

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Framework/Enabling law

Law of Protection and Improvement of the Environment (no.68-86, 1986), updated in 1993.

Year of introduction of enabling law


Approving authority of enabling law


First national detailed SEA regulation

The SEA regulation was established in 2007 by the Government Agreement 431-2007 (Regulation on Environmental Evaluation, Control and Monitoring).

art. 52-55

Year of introduction of first national detailed SEA regulation


Approving authority of first detailed SEA regulation

Minister of Environment and Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic of Guatemala

Recent updates and additions to the SEA legislation

The Regulation on Environmental Evaluation, control and monitoring was amended in 2016 (137-2016).

Current national detailed regulation for SEA

The Regulation on Environmental Evaluation, control and monitoring (2016) provides some provisions for SEA, but does not become detailed regarding operationalization of SEA. 

Objective SEA

Environmental Assessment process of (public and private) development plans and programs of national, bi-national, regional, Central American character or as a result of multilateral agreements.

Definitions section of 137-2016.

Scope of SEA application

SEA is applied to plans and programs.

SEA approach

SEA involves the presentation of any of the other Environmental Instruments (e.g. initial environmental assessment or full EIA) that correspond according to the project, work, industry or activity contained therein.
The terms of reference, content and specific technical procedures for the development of each of them will be determined by the MARN.

Article 13, Regulation 137-2016

Institutional setting for SEA

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Central SEA authority

National Environmental Authority is the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

Initiator of the SEA

The SEAs must be prepared by the institutions in charge of the plan or programme, with the advice of environmental technical service providers registered in the MARN environmental service provider registration list and duly qualified for those tasks.

In the case of programs and plans of a governmental nature, whether sectoral or supra sectoral, the SEA may be prepared by the professionals of the environmental units of the different institutions that meet the technical requirements that the MARN will set.

Definitions section of 137-2016.

SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making


SEA practice

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Case studies

A pilot SEA is the Territorial Management Plan of the City of Guatemala (Capital of Guatemala)

SEA links

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