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Updated to: 27 June 2011

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SEA background

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Country contact on SEA

Ministry of Environment
Secretary of Environmental Quality and Department of  Planning
Address: Calle Madrid and Andalucia ex Conservatoria de música detrás de la Universidad  Politécnica Salesiana
Tel: (593) – 2 - 3987 600

Country's planning system

Each government develops a national plan for the period of government. Examples recent of national plans are: “Citizen Revolution 2007-2010”, and “For the Good Fife 2009-2013”.

The National Planning and Development Secretary (SENPLADES) with seven under-secretary zones is the state organ for planning and national and regional coordination.

Each ministry is in charge of sectoral policies and planning. The Ministry of the Environment - through its Planning Department - coordinates and leads environmental planning and environmental policies.
Provincial development plans elaborated by the provincial government are approved by the provincial council.

Legal framework for SEA

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Framework/Enabling law

The SEA is not established in the legislation.

Scope of SEA application

The SEA is applied for national, regional and local plans, policies and programs, which are likely to cause significant environmental impacts.

Institutional setting for SEA

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SEA procedure

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Establishing context

Implementing the SEA

Informing and influencing decision-making

SEA and planning decision-making

The SEA is voluntary. 


SEA practice

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Case studies

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of coastal tourism on coastal resources (PMCR II) in 2006.
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Rural Roads Project (vol. 1 of 4) by Fundación Natura in 2004.

Capacity development

An example of capacity development is the environmental and social evaluation methodology training of the regional strategic approach of EASE-IIRSA, Quito 2008. The IIRSA develops roads and other infrastructure in the Amazon rain forests.

Non-governmental SEA guidance

An example of a tool for planning is the strategic environmental and social assessment approach of the Integration of the Infrastructure by Regional South America Initiative (IIRSA). The IIRSA develops roads and other infrastructure in the Amazon rain forests.

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