Updated to: 04 March 2015

In the wake of preparations for the Earth Summit the constitution, promulgated in March 1992, for the first time addressed the issue of the environment. Indeed, in Article 111, it ranks "the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources" among the issues that are should be tackled by the law. The current constitution, enacted in March 2005, states in Article 35 that "The State shall ensure the proper management and rational exploitation of the country's natural resources while preserving the environment and conservation of these resources for generations to come. " The presence of the environmental issue in the constitution thus paves the way for legislative and regulatory texts on the subject. Regarding environmental assessment, key reference texts are the environmental code enacted in June 2000 which Chapter III focuses on the environmental impact assessment process and the Decree No. 100/22 of October 7, 2010 on the enforcement of the Environmental Code in connection with the procedure for environmental impact assessment.