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Updated to: 09 October 2013

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Distinguishing features of the EIA/SEA system

EIA is required in Vietnam since 1993, when the National Law on Environmental Protection (LEP) was issued. Procedural requirements followed by Decree in 1994. Since the revision of the LEP in 2005, comprehensive SEA requirements exist.

The central EIA and SEA authority in Vietnam is the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE).

Administrative system: relevant features

At national level, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) is responsible for environmental management. It has three functional units of state management of the environment: the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Environment and Department for Evaluation and Assessment of Environmental Impact.

Relevant international conventions

Vietnam is a party to the Convention on Biodiversity since 1994 and the Ramsar Convention since 1989.

Environmental Standards: relevant features

The Law on the Protection of the Environment (2005) provides for a system of national environmental standards that consists of quality standards of the surrounding environment (such as soil production, agriculture, drinking water, industrial water, air quality, or noise) and on wastes (including industrial gas emissions etc).

Country specific terms or acronyms

MONRE = Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

LEP = Law on Environmental Protection