Zanzibar (Tanzania)

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Zanzibar (Tanzania)


Webpages | 11 Feb 2019

Workshop: ESIA for tourism projects in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, 26-28 November - With a growing tourism industry, sustainable tourism (project) development is a must. Therefore, the National…

Webpages | 15 Dec 2014

NCEA contributions to SEA training for energy sector

The NCEA contributed to an SEA training in Gothenburg on December 5th. This training was the start of a 1,5 year programme for 30…

Webpages | 16 Jan 2015

Norwegian - Dutch donor coordination: EIA/SEA in the oil and gas sector

Olso, Norway - 16th of January 2015. The NCEA met with the Norwegian Environmental Agency (NEA). The NEA is a key implementing party of the Norwegian…

Webpages | 09 Feb 2015

SEA awareness raising workshop in Zanzibar

Zanzibar - 9-13 February 2015. As part of our two-year cooperation programme on EIA and SEA implementation, the NCEA organised an SEA awareness…

Webpages | 09 Feb 2015

Atelier de sensibilisation à l'EES à Zanzibar

Zanzibar, du 9 au 13 février 2015 Dans le cadre de notre programme de coopération de deux ans sur l'EIE et l'EES, la CNEE a…

Webpages | 14 Dec 2016

SEA course in Stockholm

During an SEA course in Stockholm, the NCEA gave a presentation on its international activities and presented an SEA case. The case provided…

Webpages | 12 Jul 2016

Consultation on the new E(S)IA regulations for Zanzibar

Bobbi Schijf visited Zanzibar (21st-24st June) to take part in a consultation round on the new E(S)IA regulation.

Webpages | 14 Jan 2019

Atelier : EIES pour les projets touristiques en Tanzanie

Atelier : EIES pour les projets touristiques en Tanzanie