Zanzibar (Tanzania)

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Updated to: 16 June 2014

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Distinguishing features of the EIA/SEA system

Any key highlights or distinguishing features of the country's EIA and SEA system.

The  Environmental Management for Sustainable Development Act No.2 (1996) is Zanzibar's main legal document on EIA. There is no detailed national regulation on SEA. The most recent  Zanzibar Environmental Policy (2013), however, mentions both EIA and SEA, and a new Environmental Management Act that is currently being developed will also contain more detailed regulations on SEA.

Administrative system: relevant features

Brief description of the country's administrative system, including existing layers of government, agencies with environmental management responsibilities, and other features that are relevant. Not a complete description of the administrative situation.

Although Zanzibar is part of the federal state of Tanzania, it remains independent from an administrative perspective in most of its government matters, also in environmental issues. Zanzibar thus has separate government institutions that are responsible for the environment and also a different legal framework for EIA.
This country profile focuses on the situation of Zanzibar. There is another country profile for Tanzania.

Zanzibar consists of two islands, Unguja and Pemba. At different managerial levels, Zanzibar consists of five regions, ten districts, and 263 shehias. The responsible authority for environmental matters is the Department of Environment (DoE) under the First Vice President's Office. One of DoE's sections exclusively deals with EIA.

Relevant international conventions

Relevant conventions for EIA/SEA which the country has signed/ratified. Links are provided to relevant sites that give more detailed information on the issue.

Zanzibar has not signed any of the environment-related international conventions.

Environmental Standards: relevant features

Brief impression of the country's situation concerning environmental standards. Where relevant, the standards in place are mentioned, as well as their legal status. This is not a complete overview of all the standards in place. Links are provided to relevant sites that give more detailed information on the issue.

No information is available on environmental standards in Zanzibar.

The Environmental Management Act of 1996 however states that the environmental Minister is responsible for the development of such standards and that DoE should design a system for their implementation.

Country specific terms or acronyms

Country specific terms and abbreviations relevant for EIA and SEA.

DoE: Department of Environment