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Webpages | 01 Aug 2018

Zambia preparing SEA regulation

The Zambian Government is currently preparing for the formulation of SEA regulation. Therefore, the Zambian environmental agency (ZEMA) together with…

Webpages | 30 Jan 2013

SEA green growth/economy workshop

Lusaka, Zambia 16-19 January. As member of the OECD DAC SEA task team, Rob Verheem contributed to the mid January SEA and Green Economy workshop in…

Webpages | 14 Dec 2016

SEA course in Stockholm

During an SEA course in Stockholm, the NCEA gave a presentation on its international activities and presented an SEA case. The case provided…

Webpages | 27 Jun 2017

Strengthening Zambia’s ESIA and SEA system

Zambia wants to strengthen its ESIA and SEA system. But how to do this? WWF Zambia and the Zambia Environmental Management Agency both asked the help…

Webpages | 18 Jul 2017

Renforcement des systèmes d'EIES et d'EES de Zambie

La Zambie veut renforcer ses systèmes d'EIES et d'EES. Mais comment le faire ? Le WWF de Zambie et la ZEMA (Zambia Environmental…

Webpages | 20 Feb 2018

ESIA and SEA developments in Zambia

A week full of variety! During a second visit to Lusaka, the NCEA continued its work with Zambia’s ZEMA, comprising the update of the…

Webpages | 14 Mar 2018

EIES et EES en Zambie

Une semaine pleine de variation ! Pendant sa deuxième visite à Lusaka, la CNEE continuait son travail avec ZEMA sur la…

Webpages | 22 Oct 2018

La Zambie prépare une réglementation d’EES

Lusaka, 17-20 juillet 2018. Le gouvernement de Zambie prépare actuellement la formulation d’une réglementation d’EES. Pour…

Webpages | 31 Jan 2019

Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme

SRJS workshop - Madagascar 2017 Strategic partnership IUCN-NL and WWF-NL work together in a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership called SRJS:…