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Library | 01 Jan 2004

Environmental Management Act, 2004 - Tanzania

Keywords Legislation
Document typeLegislation
Library | 09 Oct 2007

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Guidelines for the Tourism Sector in Kenya

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

Keywords Environmental management; Legislation; Monitoring and evaluation; Stakeholder engagement; Tourism/recreation
Document typeGuideline
Publisher National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
Place of publicationKenya

This Environmental Guidelines for the tourism industry are the culmination of several consultative activities undertaken by the consultants with assistance of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife (MoTW), Tourism Trust Fund (TTF), and Working Committee, set up by the MoTW to facilitate preparation of the guidelines. The guidelines have also benefited greatly from consultations with stakeholders on the key environmental issues that should be taken into account in preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for tourism projects. These consultative workshops were held in all tourist regions namely: Coast, Nairobi, Southern Rift Valley, Central Rift Valley, North Rift Valley, Eastern, Central, Western and Nyanza. International case studies on best practices were also undertaken in Tanzania and South Africa.