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South Africa


Library | 01 Feb 2000

Strategic Environmental Assessment in South-Africa

Keywords case study; Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
RegionAfrica; South Africa
Document typeGuideline
Websitevarious south africa 6 cases 00 csir.pdf
Publisher Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Place of publicationPretoria

This guideline document contains 6 short case studies of SEA experiences in South Africa:
- Durban South Basin SEA
- SEA for the Somgem Krantzkop Site, Wellington
- SEA for water uses in South Africa
- Northern Metropolitan Local Council SEA
- Baralink node development framework SEA
- SEA of the Cape town 2004 Olympic Bid
The document is compiled by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) and published by DEAT in 2000.

Library | 01 Nov 2006

A Selective Review of SEA Legislation

Results from a Nine-Country Review

Keywords Legislation; Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
RegionAfrica; Asia; Belize; Canada; China; Ethiopia; Ghana; Kenya; Middle East; Palestinian territories; South Africa
Document typeLegislation
Publisher The World Bank
Author Ahmed, K.; Fiadjoe, Y.
Place of publicationWashinton DC
Serie Environment Strategy Paper
Serie number13

Legal instruments from nine countries, representative of developed, developing, and middle income countries from various regions (and based on availability of information) were examined. These countries are Belize, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Palestine, and South Africa.

Despite the paper’s limitations as a desk review of select legal frameworks that govern SEA nationally, a number of conclusions emerge from the analysis.

Library | 01 Aug 2001

Sasol Natural Gas Project, Mozambique to South Africa Environmental Impact Study   MOZAMBIQUE TO SOUTH AFRICA


Document typeProject NCEA
Document053-028 Environmental Impact Study Sasol Natural Gas Project Mozambique to South Africa
Place of publicationSouth Africa

IdentificationPOS 053-028
Library | 09 Oct 2007

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Guidelines for the Tourism Sector in Kenya

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

Keywords Environmental management; Legislation; Monitoring and evaluation; Stakeholder engagement; Tourism/recreation
Document typeGuideline
Publisher National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
Place of publicationKenya

This Environmental Guidelines for the tourism industry are the culmination of several consultative activities undertaken by the consultants with assistance of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife (MoTW), Tourism Trust Fund (TTF), and Working Committee, set up by the MoTW to facilitate preparation of the guidelines. The guidelines have also benefited greatly from consultations with stakeholders on the key environmental issues that should be taken into account in preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for tourism projects. These consultative workshops were held in all tourist regions namely: Coast, Nairobi, Southern Rift Valley, Central Rift Valley, North Rift Valley, Eastern, Central, Western and Nyanza. International case studies on best practices were also undertaken in Tanzania and South Africa.

Library | 01 Mar 2017

ESIA for port development in South Africa

Expansion of the Port of Durban

Keywords Climate change; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA); Ports
RegionSouth Africa
Document typeCase study
DocumentESIA for port development in South Africa
Author Berg, T. van den; Kolhoff, A.J.; Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA)
Place of publicationUtrecht

The revised ESIA for expansion of the Port of Durban included a climate change impact report. As a result, a higher quay was designed to meet expected sea level rise. The environmental management plan was also improved: it now includes specific climate change effects, as prescribed by new legislation.


This case is part of the publication 'Environmental Assessment for Climate Smart Decision Making: Good practice cases', published by the NCEA in 2017.

Library | 01 Jan 2007

Integrated Environmental Assessment Guideline Series

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Keywords Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
RegionSouth Africa
Document typeGuideline
Publisher Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Place of publicationSouth Africa

The practice of SEA in South Africa is still evolving. Despite it mainly being undertaken on a voluntary basis in South Africa, there is a number of key learning points that have emerged from SEA practice that can be used to develop SEA procedure further.  This document draws upon them and updates the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) guidance document of 2000 published by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism in South Africa.  The 2000 document introduced the concept of and principles for SEA, and proposed a sustainability-based approach to SEA.  While the general principles and basic steps of SEA application are known to many, there is much less agreement on the tools to be used, the techniques to be adopted and the final outputs of an SEA process. 

This guideline document attempts to provide detailed guidance on key elements of the SEA process rather than a prescriptive step-by-step process.  The formulation of a vision, defining sustainability objectives and applying limits of acceptable change against which to assess and evaluate strategic options/alternatives, effects and actions has the greatest potential for informing policies, plans and programmes.  Furthermore, establishing explicit parameters, criteria, guidelines, management, monitoring and evaluation requirements, providing guidance on making changes or corrective/adaptive action, and/or providing decision support systems are essential outputs of a good SEA.  It is also of the utmost importance that the SEA takes into account the stability and capacity of institutions and agencies to implement and enforce any measures critical to the sustainability of strategic options or alternatives in reaching decisions.

This document attempts to provide more practical guidance on these aspects, in order to enhance the practice of SEA in the South African context.