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Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Tour of the Central Africa Region

January – February, Central Africa region - for NCEA’s Central Africa programme, the year started with a monitoring and planning visit to…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Evaluation 5 year capacity development Central Africa

After 5 year capacity development on strenthening EIA systems in Central Africa, it is time to evaluate. Has progress been made? What has changed and…

Webpages | 15 May 2014

Dutch Sustainability Unit

News Support updating strategic plans Dutch embassies July 2013. Dutch embassies in the 15 countries where Dutch development cooperation takes…

Webpages | 15 Feb 2013

SEA for IWRM Programme Dutch Embassy Rwanda

The Dutch Embassy in Rwanda is in the process of carrying out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for its IWRM (Integrated Water Resource…

Webpages | 17 Dec 2012

SEA for IWRM programme in Rwanda

Kigali/Kibuye, Rwanda – 2-7 December 2012. An NCEA expert group visited Rwanda, requested by the Netherlands Embassy, to advise on the scoping…

Webpages | 08 Sep 2014

Risk profiles

  Combined CC and DRR profiles DRR profiles CC Risk profiles Partner countries WB -…

Webpages | 19 Nov 2013

Où travaillons-nous ?

Pays partenaires du ministère néerlandais des Affaires étrangères Comme le département international…

Webpages | 20 Jan 2014

New MoUs with EIA associations in Burundi and Rwanda

EIA associations can play an important role within EIA systems. The NCEA will continue to support EIA associations in Burundi and Rwanda, following…

Webpages | 02 Jul 2014

Evaluation du programme quinquennal en Afrique centrale

Afrique centrale, juillet 2013. Cette année marque la fin du programme quinquennal de développement des capacités sur le…

Webpages | 02 Jul 2014

Poursuivi d'assistence technique à l'associations

Poursuivi d'assistence technique à l'associations du Rwanda (APEIER) et Burundi (ABEIE)

Webpages | 15 Dec 2014

NCEA contributions to SEA training for energy sector

The NCEA contributed to an SEA training in Gothenburg on December 5th. This training was the start of a 1,5 year programme for 30…

Webpages | 16 Dec 2014

Les contributions de la CNEE aux formations d'EES pour le secteur de l'énergie

La CNEE a contribué à une formation d'EES à Göteborg. Cette formation représentait le commencement d'un programme de…

Webpages | 26 Jan 2015

NCEA's visit to Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda – 26-28 January 2015. The NCEA visited Kigali to follow up on several leads. The Netherlands Embassy is about to embark on a…

Webpages | 26 Jan 2015

Visite de la CNEE au Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda – 26-28 janvier 2015. La CNEE a rendu visite à Kigali pour plusieurs raisons. L’Ambassade des Pays Bas commencera…

Webpages | 06 Dec 2016

Planification du captage et atelier d'EES au Rwanda

Du 4 au 6 octobre, la CNEE a participé à un atelier de planification intégrée du captage et d'EES à Musanze, au…

Webpages | 14 Dec 2016

SEA course in Stockholm

During an SEA course in Stockholm, the NCEA gave a presentation on its international activities and presented an SEA case. The case provided…

Webpages | 26 Oct 2015

National Workshop on SEA for IWRM

National Workshop on SEA for IWRM

Webpages | 05 Nov 2015

Atelier national sur l'EES pour IWRM

Du 29 septembre au 3 octobre 2015, Musanze, Rwanda L'EES est la plus efficace quand elle est parfaitement intégrée au processus…

Webpages | 06 Apr 2016

Consultation of stakeholders for SEA for a catchment plan in Rwanda

The NCEA facilitated a consultation of stakeholders from Sebeya catchment in Rwanda. This consultation is part of scoping for the SEA for the new…

Webpages | 04 May 2016

Consultation des parties prenantes pour l'EES d'un bassin versant au Rwanda

La CNEE a contribué à l'organisation d'une consultation des parties concernées par le bassin versant de la Sebeya au Rwanda.…

Webpages | 15 Mar 2017

Cours d'EES à Stockholm

Lors d'un cours d'EES à Stockholm, la CNEE a donné une présentation sur ses activités internationales et a…

Webpages | 23 Feb 2017

Catchment planning and SEA workshop in Rwanda

From October 4-6, the NCEA was present at an integrated catchment planning and SEA workshop in Musanze, Rwanda. In this workshop, Catchment Taskforce…

Webpages | 20 Feb 2018

Exciting times for ESIA / SEA in Rwanda

The new Environment Law - with chapters on ESIA and SEA - is now being discussed in parliament. When the law is adopted, SEA will be officially…

Webpages | 14 Mar 2018

Période passionnante pour l'EIES/EES au Rwanda

La nouvelle loi environnementale ‒ contenant des chapitres sur l'EIES et l'EES ‒ est actuellement examinée par le parlement.

Webpages | 22 Oct 2018

Rwanda adopted new Environmental Law

Rwanda adopted its new Environment Law this August, which paves the way for a revision of Ministerial Orders on EIA and SEA.

Webpages | 20 Nov 2018

SEA review workshop in Rwanda

12-16 November, Rubavu - Rwanda is in the process of regulating SEA. The environment agency REMA has asked the NCEA to help develop its capacity to…

Webpages | 10 Dec 2018

Atelier d'examen d'EES au Rwanda

Atelier d'examen d'EES au Rwanda

Webpages | 18 Feb 2019

Expert meeting: integrating land & water management

Everybody agrees: integration is key  Integrated land and water management is key to sustainable solutions. Whether we are from…

Webpages | 01 Apr 2019

National SEA seminars with SEA training alumni

In the past weeks, the NCEA staff joined SIDA/Niras in some of their closing seminars of the international Strategic Environmental Assessment…

Webpages | 02 Apr 2019

Séminaires sur les EES nationales et formation en EES pour les anciens participants

In the past weeks, the NCEA staff joined SIDA/Niras in some of their closing seminars of the international Strategic Environmental Assessment…