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Nr Project title
034-i Advice on work plan and review: Beira coastal management
053-i Advisory review: Environmental Management Plan for petroleum
050-i Advisory review: EIA for hazardous waste facility - Mozambique
051-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA and EIA for transport options - Mozambique
059-i Advice on ToR and review: EIA for offshore oil/gas exploration
339-i Comments: input document for SEA for sector plans - Mozambique
353-i Comments: National Biofuels Strategy - Mozambique
7007 SEA and multi-sector plan for the Lower Zambezi Basin: advisory reports on scoping, coaching and review - Mozambique
087-i SEA Spatial Planning Coastal Zone - Mozambique
092-i Advisory review: ESIA for dredging and coal transportation
387-i Comments: draft SEA regulation - Mozambique
396-i Advisory review: scoping study and ToR for sugar plantation - Mozambique
403-i Review of Draft ESIA for Greater Maputo Water Supply Project, Corumana System - Mozambique
433-i Report and comments on the proposed revision of the regulation for the EIA process - Mozambique
7200 ESIA organic sugar farm Chemba - Mozambique - ORIO12MZ01
7206 Beira Port Access Road - Mozambique - D2B15MZ01
7221 Advice on ESIA’s for Land Development Company Beira - Mozambique
7282 SEA National Territorial Development Plan - Mozambique

Capacity development

Nr Project title
703-i Mozambique Capacity Development
7204 MoU MITADER Mozambique - NCEA 2016-2019