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Updated to: 26 September 2013

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Distinguishing features of the EIA/SEA system

EIA has been applied in Mozambique since 1993, but its legal framework was only set up in 1997 through the Environmental Law. Specific EIA regulations followed in 1998 which were replaced by new ones in 2004. Since then the country systematically develops its legislation on EIA and improves its capacity to implement it.
There are no legal provisions for SEA in Mozambique, but the Environmental Law requires EIA for PPPs. It is practiced since 2003 though and a legal framework for SEA is under development. The central authority responsible for EIA is the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) and its Provincial Directorates can also play an important role in it.

Administrative system: relevant features

Mozambique is divided into ten provinces and one capital city with provincial status. The provinces are subdivided into 129 districts. The districts are further divided in 405 "Postos Administrativos" and then into Localidades, the lowest geographical level of the central state administration.

The Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) plays a central role in environmental management at national level. Its main functions are the following:
1. Implementing the National Environmental Management Plan and associated environmental legislation and policy
2. Coordinating with other ministries on environmental matters to integrate environmental aspects into their projects, policies and programmes.

Furthermore, environmental management responsibilities are thinly spread across a range of government sectors. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with its National Directorate of Forestry and Wildlife as well as the Ministry of Tourism with its National Directorate for Conservation Areas. Other important ministries are the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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Relevant international conventions

Mozambique became party to the Ramsar Convention in 2004 and to the Convention on Biodiversity since 1995

Environmental Standards: relevant features

Regulations on to environmental standards are published in Decree No. 18/2004. It establishes standards for environmental quality and effluent emmissions. The following types of standards are determined:
- Air quality standards
- Standards for emission of gaseous pollutants by industries
- Standards for emission of domestic liquid effluents
- Effluent standards for specific industries

Country specific terms or acronyms

AMAIA = Associação Moçambicana de Avaliação de Impacto Ambiental (Mozambican Association of Environmental Impact Assessment)
DPCA = Provincial para a Coordenação da Acção Ambiental (Provincional Directorates for the Coordination of Environmental Action)
EPDA = Estudo de Pré-Viabilidade Ambiental e Definição de Âmbito (Environmental Pre-Viability Study)
MICOA = Ministério para Coordenação da Acção Ambiental (Ministry for the Coorination of Environmental Affairs)
SER = Simplified Environmental Report