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Webpages | 08 Sep 2014

Risk profiles

  Combined CC and DRR profiles DRR profiles CC Risk profiles Partner countries WB -…

Webpages | 04 May 2016

Advice on SEA for Turkana, Kenya/Ethiopia

The NCEA has been asked by UNEP and the governments of Kenya and Ethiopia to advise on an SEA which will be done for the 'Lake Turkana project'. This…

Webpages | 12 Jul 2017

SEA in new water policy Ethiopia

The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity is the biggest sectoral ministry in Ethiopia. It makes many investments, and without adequate…

Webpages | 18 Jul 2017

L'EES dans la nouvelle politique de l'eau en Éthiopie

Le ministre de l'Eau, de l'Irrigation et de l'Électricité est le plus grand ministère sectoriel en Éthiopie. Il investit…

Webpages | 03 Oct 2017

Developing ESIA capacity in Amhara, Ethiopia

How to do good scoping and review for ESIA? The Amhara National Regional State in Ethiopia asked the NCEA for technical assistance to build capacity…

Webpages | 19 Dec 2017

Développement de la capacité en EIES à Amhara ‒ Éthiopie

Comment faire un bon cadrage et un examen d'EIES ? L'État régional d'Amhara en Éthiopie a demandé à la CNEE…

Webpages | 13 Jun 2018

Ethiopia: How to make ESIA effective in practice?

How to make ESIA effective in practice? That will be the focus in the coming year  in our cooperation with Amhara Regional State

Webpages | 24 Sep 2018

Interview Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge

Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge, outgoing vice-chair of the NCEA ‘Independent evaluation is important in a time where pronouncements are often judged…

Webpages | 11 Dec 2018

Dutch support for Ethiopia, role of the NCEA

Addis Abeba, 3-5 December 2018 - In the coming years, the Netherlands will implement an integrated programme in Ethiopia, in which food security,…

Webpages | 14 Jan 2019

Soutien des Pays-Bas pour l'Éthiopie ‒ rôle de la CNEE

Soutien des Pays-Bas pour l'Éthiopie ‒ rôle de la CNEE

Webpages | 25 Jan 2019

Visit of President Gehdu of Amhara State

Utrecht, January 23th - We were honored with the visit of President Gehdu of Amhara Regional State, together with agricultural attaché Niek…

Webpages | 18 Feb 2019

Expert meeting: integrating land & water management

Everybody agrees: integration is key  Integrated land and water management is key to sustainable solutions. Whether we are from…