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Nr Project title
311-i Comments: proposal for capacity building in Central Africa
376-i Comments: legal framework for EIA - Burundi
392-i Memorandum: Environmental norms and standards - Burundi
393-i Memorandum: EIA guidelines - Burundi
394-i Memorandum: EIA review - Burundi
100-i Advice on ToR: ESIA for Clean and Waste Free Bujumbura - Burundi
404-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Supporting of the Health System in Burundi through the building of two Hospitals - Districts Vumbi and Busoni
405-i Quick Scan (Review) of the ESIA Report on Drinking Water Supply Bujumbura, Burundi

Capacity development

Nr Project title
7025-03 Central Africa Programme with SEEAC and COMIFAC
7020 EIA Strengthening MEEATU-I - Burundi
7025-01 Central Africa Capacity Development (PAANEEAC)
7020-02 EIA Strengthening MEEATU- II - Burundi
7020-01 Coaching EIA Association ABEIE - Burundi
7025-02 SEEAC