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Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Tour of the Central Africa Region

January – February, Central Africa region - for NCEA’s Central Africa programme, the year started with a monitoring and planning visit to…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Evaluation 5 year capacity development Central Africa

After 5 year capacity development on strenthening EIA systems in Central Africa, it is time to evaluate. Has progress been made? What has changed and…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Scoping integrated in EIA legislation Burundi

Since January 2013, scoping has been integrated in EIA legislation in Burundi. Check the Terms of Reference on which scoping takes place.

Webpages | 15 May 2014

Dutch Sustainability Unit

News Support updating strategic plans Dutch embassies July 2013. Dutch embassies in the 15 countries where Dutch development cooperation takes…

Webpages | 28 Sep 2012

Training on quality review EIA Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi – 24-28 September 2012 – Following the training on scoping in April this year, the NCEA has recently facilitated a…

Webpages | 08 Sep 2014

Risk profiles

  Combined CC and DRR profiles DRR profiles CC Risk profiles Partner countries WB -…

Webpages | 19 Nov 2013

Où travaillons-nous ?

Pays partenaires du ministère néerlandais des Affaires étrangères Comme le département international…

Webpages | 20 Jan 2014

New MoUs with EIA associations in Burundi and Rwanda

EIA associations can play an important role within EIA systems. The NCEA will continue to support EIA associations in Burundi and Rwanda, following…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Screening and public participation in ESIA legal framework of Burundi

Burundi is currently revising its legal framework for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). As part of a series of workshops that…

Webpages | 26 May 2014

Revision ESIA legislation Burundi forthcoming

Since the adoption of ESIA in 2010, its application has shown several deficits. Also Burundi’s society has evolved, and continues to do so, as do…

Webpages | 01 May 2014

Revision procédure EIES Burundi

Atelier sur l'analyse du cadre legal de la procedure d'EIES au Burundi.

Webpages | 02 Jul 2014

l'Intégration d'une phase exploratoire dans la procédure d'EIE, Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi, 9-12 juillet 2013 En janvier 2013, le ministre de l’environnement du Burundi a signé une décision…

Webpages | 02 Jul 2014

Evaluation du programme quinquennal en Afrique centrale

Afrique centrale, juillet 2013. Cette année marque la fin du programme quinquennal de développement des capacités sur le…

Webpages | 02 Jul 2014

Poursuivi d'assistence technique à l'associations

Poursuivi d'assistence technique à l'associations du Rwanda (APEIER) et Burundi (ABEIE)

Webpages | 13 Aug 2014

Le tri-préliminaire et la participation publique dans le cadre légal de l’EIES au Burundi

Le Burundi est en cours de réviser son cadre légal pour l’étude d’impact environnemental et social (EIES). A…

Webpages | 19 Jan 2015

Workshop on the quality of EIA reports, Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi – 19-23 January 2015. It turned out to be an eye-opener for EIA consultants in Burundi: a workshop to jointly discuss the…

Webpages | 21 Jan 2015

Revision of ESIA legal framework in Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi – 21 January 2014. Since April 2014, the NCEA is assisting Burundi’s Ministry for the Environment, MEEATU, with the…

Webpages | 19 Jan 2015

Atelier sur la qualité des rapports d'EIE, Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi – 19-23 Janvier 2015. Il semble tellement logique mais c’était la première fois au Burundi: un atelier…

Webpages | 21 Jan 2015

Révision du cadre légal pour l'EIES au Burundi

Bujumbura, Burundi – 21 Janvier 2015. Depuis Avril 2014, la CNEE aide le Ministère de l’Environnement au Burundi, MEEATU, avec la…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Workshop for EIA communication strategy in Burundi

The NCEA facilitated a workshop on the development of a communication strategy for EIA in Burundi on 6-9 April 2015. The workshop was organised for…

Webpages | 20 Apr 2015

Atelier d’une stratégie de communication de l’EIE au Burundi

Du 6 au 9 avril 2015, la CNEE a facilité un atelier sur le développement d’une stratégie de communication pour…

Webpages | 29 Oct 2018

Reconnaissance Burundi

After an absence of three years, the NCEA visited Bujumbura to catch up on Environmental Assessment practice with its old partners, such as the…