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Library | 18 Dec 2013

Mémorandum sur les outils d'application d'EIES (Cadrage/Examen) produits pour le Burundi

Lors du programme de collaboration 2011-2013 entre le MEEATU et la CNEE

RegionAfrica; Burundi
Document typeProject NCEA
Library | 01 Apr 2015

Learning by doing

Strengthening the capacity for EIA in Burundi

Keywords Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
RegionAfrica; Burundi
Document typeLiterature
DocumentLearning by doing
Publisher Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA)
Author Boven, G.J. van
Place of publicationUtrecht
Serie NCEA series
Serie number16

Many training or capacity building programmes are based on the provision of theory and technical information, with application in practice coming afterwards. Adult learning theory is based on the opposite: learning starts from experience and with experimentation. Adults bring with them the experience amassed during their lifetime that is related or unrelated to the programme’s theme, and this influences the way they filter, analyse and apply new information. Ignoring their experience may have an impact on the effectiveness of the activity or programme: the participants may not appreciate the information in the way intended by the person providing it. With this in mind, when Burundi’s Ministry for the Environment asked for help in preparing it for its new EIA duties, the NCEA proposed a multi-year, adjustable learning-bydoing approach. This article describes this approach and
how it worked in practice.

IdentificationArticle from Views and Experiences 2015

Article from "Views and Experiences 2015 from the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment"